We help you make money & create security for your family

If you’ve got the will, we’ll show you the way…

In the past moms had to choose either (a) go to work and earn money or (b) stay at home and earn no money.

Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Now, you have the option of being home with your kids, working flexible hours, and earning a good income.

You don’t *have to* be dependent on someone else for your income or to work someone else’s hours in someone else’s building hoping someone else gives you time off to spend with your own family. 

With some wisdom and some work you can have a business that earns money from the comfort of your own home. One that gives you flexibility, and financial stability.

We help the woman who wants to:

  • Use her online business to gain more security, stability, and opportunities for her family
  • Work hard and smart (aka: takes the time upfront to learn online business skills)
  • Skip months (years?) of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks and do it right the first time
  • Take advantage of the financial (and logistical) freedom and independence online business can offer
  • Make sure her online dealings serve her family
  • ‍‍Use her earnings to build a stable future for family

Maybe you’ve heard of her…

There was a well-known woman from days of old. She was energetic, strong, and hard working. Strategically, she bought some land. And – with her earnings – she planted a vineyard. 

A business that can literally bear fruit for generations. 

Because of her industrious ways… 

Her family’s needs were provided for. 
She had no fear of the future because they were prepared for it. 
And, out of her profitable dealings, she was generous with her time and money. 

Lucky for us modern mamas, nowadays you don’t need to buy land to start a business. You just need an idea, a sound strategy, and a website. 

A website you own and control. That can’t be taken away from you or shut down, and that isn’t controlled by others. 

Hi there, I’m Rachel!

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