3 Different Business Models That Turn Your Expertise into Income

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Once you identify your audience, your expertise, and set your business and lifestyle objectives, you can start turning your expertise into an income. There are many ways to turn your expertise into an income, but here are three different business models that you can choose from right now to get started fast.

Publish eBooks and Self-Study Courses

One way to make money from your expertise is to write and publish eBooks and self-study courses for your audience. This is a very hands-off way to make an income without having to work one-on-one with individuals or sell many different individual products.

Start with developing and writing (or hiring a ghostwriter) eBooks that solve your audience’s problems. You can publish and sell them in a variety of places, including your website using software from Clickbank.com, JVzoo.com, Aweber.com, and other shopping carts that allow you to work with affiliates.

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Once the book is out and selling, you can then repurpose the book into a self-study course. Alternatively, you can do it all at once by setting up the course and making the book part of the course. You can also choose to self-publish books to Amazon Kindle to help you get an audience and get known for your expertise.

Create a Membership Site

Another way to generate income from your expertise is to start a membership site. Offer a way for members to chat with each other, keep the member area loaded with your eBooks, reports, checklists, worksheets, courses, and more.

You can create some of the pillar or cornerstone content yourself, and some can be from private label rights content, as well as by hiring a ghostwriter to create regular information for your membership on a monthly basis.

One of the easier and more inexpensive software options to use for your membership site is Aweber.com. There are plenty of contractors you can hire, but you can also learn how to use it by taking a course like Kelly McCausey and Lynette Chandler’s Member Skills course.

Start a Coaching or Consulting Business

The third business model that fits in with earning money from your expert status is to start a coaching or consulting business. You can actually combine the other business models into this one to give a lot of options to your clients, or you can develop one solution to one major problem your audience has and make that the main thing that you coach your clients through in either a group or individual setting.

For example, let’s say you have lost 150 pounds due to mindful eating. You now want to coach others to follow the plan you’ve created and used the last five years to lose the weight and keep it off. You can write a book about your experience, and what you created, then you can offer your coaching services to help others do the same, guiding them through the process as you followed it.

Some software to use to help you with coaching include Jigsawbox.com and Amember.com, as both enable you to employ group coaching tactics that will explode your income without taking all your time.

These three business models that help you turn your expertise into income have been used long before the internet existed. However, now, with all the tools that internet technology has developed, you can run all three of these types of businesses from the comfort of your home office or even your kitchen table.

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