3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Side Hustle

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With the rising popularity of the gig economy, you see new ways of making money almost every other day.

You can go ahead and try a hundred of these. But, if it’s not the right one for you, it just won’t work out. Not unless you know 3 tips for finding your perfect side hustle.

And where exactly might you find these tips, you may ask? Well, that’s why we’re here.

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3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Side Hustle

Your typical day job might already be stressful enough. With the wrong side hustle on top of your head, things can get much worse.

So, save yourself from that nightmare and follow these 3 tips to find your perfect side hustle.

Figure Out Why You Need a Side Hustle

Before you start anything in life, you always set a goal or vision for yourself. This goal then helps you plan all the following actions you need to take, formulate a timeline, establish deadlines, etc.

Whenever you’re stuck at a crossroads, you can think back to your goal or vision. And it’ll help you come to a decision.

Similarly, before you start any side hustle, think of why you’re doing it.

What are you trying to achieve by doing it?

Because let’s be honest here. We all want extra money. But we all might want it for different reasons.

So, do you want a side hustle for just some extra change?

Do you simply want to maintain some savings?

Are you looking to earn a little more to maybe buy or invest in something more substantial?

When you start thinking and answering these questions, your side-hustle search will automatically begin to narrow down.

If you’re looking to earn some extra pocket money, a survey site or app will be fine. If you’ve got a bigger project in mind, then maybe you should look into freelance jobs.

Look at Your Existing Resources

Another way to figure out which side hustle will work for you is to look at the resources you have. Certain jobs like Uber and Lyft require you to have your own car. Obviously, if you don’t own a car, then these are off the list.

Similarly, you need to see what you have and what you don’t. You might not have a car for Uber, but maybe you have a parking space that you can now rent instead?

If you’ve got a pet, then you might already be taking it out for a walk regularly. Take along other people’s pets, and you’ve found your side hustle.

Furthermore, when we say resources, we’re not just talking about your physical assets such as your car, house, etc. We are also referring to other intangible resources, such as your mental resources and time.

You’ve got apps that pay you to walk. But after that hour-long commute on the subway, are you really in a position to walk another step?

And when you’re reaching home at seven in the evening, have you got the energy or brain capacity to fill another one of those boring surveys?

We didn’t think so.

Therefore, with that schedule, you’re better off earning money by watching videos or playing games, perhaps.

Think of the Work you Already Do and Your Passion

When you really can’t think of a good side hustle for yourself, look at the job you’re already doing. That can also give you some clue on which side hustle will be perfect for you.

If your current job involves writing or something similar to that, then maybe you can take up blogging as your side job.

Additionally, if you’re not really fond of the work you do at your job, you must not want to do the same thing in your personal time. On those occasions, you can look towards your passion instead.

If you’re passionate about graphic design, for example, you can use that skill and sell your artworks to earn money online.

Final Words

Unless you’re one of those really lucky people, you won’t find the right side hustle for yourself instantly. It’ll take time. You might have to suffer through a dozen different jobs before then.

Moreover, if you’re actually thinking of making your side hustle into a career, it might take you time to even start earning as much as you want. Therefore, hang in there and think about these 3 tips to find your perfect side hustle while you wait.

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