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Car Wrap Advertising Is One Way To Passive Income

If you don’t embarrass easily, car wrap advertising may be your ticket to passive income. If you wonder how much you can make or what type of ads and how this works, keep reading, and we will lay it all out for you.

  • How much can you make with car wrap advertising
  • What companies should I consider
  • How does it generate income (by the month, miles driven?)
  • Can wrapping a car damage it
  • What are the qualifiers to do car wrap advertising
  • What are the pitfalls to doing this

Some companies are willing to pay good money for people to use their cars as billboards. If you can live with having giant advertisements all over your car, you’ll make some money on the side.

Car Wrap Advertising Is One Way To Passive Income

Car wrap advertising- how much can you make

Your income will depend on multiple variables. Like geography, more people can see the ads if you are driving in the city versus the countryside. Also, time of day, which makes sense. Middle of the night versus morning rush hour pays differently. Similarly, there is the type of sticker. Large wraps deliver more than a rear window sticker. But to sum it all up, you could make anywhere from $50 to $450 per month. Now that’s passive income!

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What companies can I go to to get started with mobile ads


StickerRide is an App you can download from your App store, and it will give you all the instructions to get started.

  • The app will track your driving with GPS
  • You earn points which is defined by: 1 point equals 1KM or .62 Miles multiplied by your rate
  • Rate is determined by geography, time, car class and type of stickers
  • One point is worth 10 cents in the US and .1 euro for the UK


  • Wrapify is also an App that you download and if you qualify you can earn for allowing advertising on your car
  • Your earnings are also based on mileage, geography, time of day. Their estimates say you will earn anywhere from $196 – $452 per month
  • The app tracks your driving via GPS


  • Carvertise, yet another App works just like the others utilizing GPS to track your driving
  • Their website states that while it depends on variables such as location, time of day you can expect to earn up to $300 per month

Free Car Media

  • Their website claims you can make up to $400 per month for full wrap ads
  • They specialize in rear window ads that you install yourself that pay around $50 per month
  • Online application

Referral Cars

  • Referral Cars is a less intrusive type of advertiser, they do rear window decals
  • Commission based pay for the majority of applicants

StickerRide, Wrapify, and Carvertise are the only three that I would consider. They all seem straight forward and using an app and GPS seems like the legit way to go.

How is income generated when you wrap your car with ads

The company you work with is an advertising firm. They sell companies large and small on the idea of advertising on people’s cars as an alternative to running ads on TV, radio, print, Internet, etc. The agency may also do retargeting using those traditional advertising methods to do a double hit on the audience.

The Swarm. These advertising agencies get their drivers to do things like “swarm.” Sending drivers to an area to show off the ads at sporting events, concerts, or just specific parts of town. You, as the driver, are a rolling billboard.

The money the agency brings in will pay the expenses, including the drivers.

Can adding a wrap to a car damage it

The wrap ad agency will send you to certified installers to look your car over to ensure it is suitable for a wrap. If your car is not the factory paint or has many dents, rock chips, or scratches, removing the wrap could be an issue. It should go without saying that you will find an old beat-up car won’t qualify. It makes sense because the company brands don’t want their ads on junkers.

The wraps are usually vinyl, and it is a fascinating process to see one put on.

Who qualifies to have wrap advertising on their vehicle

Most late model cars and trucks qualify—no fleet vehicles or motorcycles. Some of the companies will do background checks.


You will have the ability to choose what companies you allow to advertise on your car and how many ads and placements you do. For example, do you want a rear window or just the sides? Maybe, you go all out and cover the hood, sides, and rear window. The more open you are, the better your chances of getting a campaign.

Remember, fewer ads mean lower income.

Pitfalls to watch out for

There are contracts, and if you change your mind and break the contract, there will be termination fees. Typically, there are campaigns that, on average, are a few months. When the campaign ends, you can have the installers remove the wrap.

You will want to check with your insurance carrier first. Some insurance will not cover you if you wrap the car, or they may increase your premium. So before you do anything, the first call you make should be to your insurance company.


Wrap advertising is viral as more large corporations realize how effective it is. It is very creative that someone thought of using the masses to advertise on their cars. Talk about a triple win. The company wins, the agency wins, and you win.

Car wrap advertising for passive income is a simple yet ingenious way to make extra money. All it takes is a little willingness to take some eyeballs watching you while you drive, and you put some extra money in your pocket.

One last thing. There is never any money for you to pay and if anyone ever tells you there is, don’t do it. There are scammers always working an angle, so beware of that.

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