Consider These Side Hustles

Consider These Side Hustles, Today!

Who doesn’t love extra money, ’cause I know I do? I’m always trying to think of new ways I can add money to my bank account. I have thought of several ideas, although my follow-through is trash. If you’re looking for some new ways to earn money and have that get-up-and-go attitude, consider these side hustles today!

Bar Cart Rental

A bar rental business setup is a great way to earn extra income. For the most part, the items that you need are one-time purchases. You may need extra glassware, minor equipment maintenance, and refill supplies, but nothing too serious. There are several different types of bar rental businesses you could do. For a simple setup where all you have to do is set up your bar cart and leave, I suggest a mobile bar cart. You can find multiple examples of these on Etsy. They usually start around $500-$1000 just for one. You can beautify them by adorning them with your emblem or adding balloons.

Bartending Services

If you are interested in providing bartending services, purchase a mobile bar. For this, you need licensure in your respective state to operate as a mobile bartender. You can run a dry hire business. This means the host of the party is responsible for purchasing the alcohol, and you are responsible for mixing and serving the drinks. You can get creative with your business by offering custom drinks and services.

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Movie Night Set Up

Another idea that requires limited start-up money is an outdoor movie night theater. It requires a one-time fee, along with a little bit of maintenance, to secure the business. At the minimum, you need an inflatable movie screen and projector. You can find these cheaply on Amazon for as low as $150. To make the setup better, consider adding fun or posh inflatable seating for the lawn. A popcorn popper is a much welcome add-on. A bar cart or wine wall for a more luxe party or a slushy machine for the kids would go over well too.

These are just a few side hustles that you can start today. If you like low buy-ins and high-profit margins, this may be for you.

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