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Drop Shipping Business. You Must Know The Facts.

Are you looking to start a Drop Shipping Business? We have step by step setup, and we will help you avoid the mistakes that lead to failure.

Actions you need to take to get up and to run.

  • Research
  • Make a decision of what product
  • Choose a platform
  • Buy a domain name
  • Set up your website
  • Add products
  • Establish social media
  • Advertise
  • Earn passive income

If you have searched the internet for drop shipping business, then no doubt the search engines are now feeding you an endless supply of gurus telling you to buy their course. You watch their videos, and everyone seems to have become millionaires with a dropshipping business. Let us review the action steps in detail.

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Drop Shipping Business


What product do you want to sell

What to sell is sometimes the most challenging choice to make. Some people go with a shopping mall approach that has some of everything. Others go with the niche idea selling lots of options of one type of product. I think the best practice is a niche. It is okay to have difficulty deciding on the product. Don’t get hung up on trying to be the first to have an idea. Trust me, you won’t be, and you don’t need to be.

Choosing the products

Product suppliers that integrate with the platform you build your site. They will make it very easy to add products, but you can review AliExpress or Amazon to help you decide what products are popular and trending so you can choose your niche.

I and many others spend many hours just trying to decide on the niche. Then, looking at Google Trend, what appeals to you, what does your gut say. I learned a long time ago that I would not come up with the miracle idea that no one else has thought up. Instead, you know that you will stand a better chance if you use common sense and don’t pick a dead niche. For example, fidget spinners. These were a hot trend not long ago, but now they are finished.

Choose a platform

Now that you have an idea of a niche, you need to choose a platform. To keep this simple, we will look at three.


Shopify has three different plans, but all you need is a basic plan of $39.00 a month. They are probably the most common e-commerce platform and are very easy to use. In addition, you will be able to get your domain name ($5-$20 annually) as Shopify is very turn-key. You can try them out for 14 days on a free trial; no credit card is required.

In addition, Shopify also has lots of free tools and guides to help you with everything from choosing a name, registering a domain, logo creation, and much, much more. Check it out here.

Shopify is very comprehensive in helping you be successful. I suggest you check out their page on starting a dropshipping business. There are many helpful resources even if you don’t go with them. As a beginner, you can’t go wrong with them.


Wix is a fantastic site for beginners. It is one of the most uncomplicated website builders to use, which is even easier than Shopify. You will get everything you need all in one place. To dive into what Wix has to offer, take a look at their site for dropshipping. Everything you need is right there, and you can get started. Wix plans run $27 a month if you pay for an annual plan which includes a free domain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a choice with Wix because if you don’t pay for the year, you don’t get free access to Modalyst, the App that contains all the products. You can add Modalyst for $35.00 per month or for free but with a 25 product limit. So you are left with paying $62.00 per month and buying your domain ($5-$20 annually) or pay $324 per year.


WordPress is free, but unlike Shopify and Wix, you will need hosting. There are many hosting services such as Bluehost, Host Gator and I am sure plenty of others. I prefer HostGator as that is who I use. It is already integrated with WordPress, automatically connected to WordPress once you sign up with HostGator.

Bluehost and Siteground pricing are similar, but I had issues with Bluehost, and some experts recommended Siteground to me, so I chose them. I have been very pleased with Siteground. To do dropshipping on WordPress, you will need a plug-in called WooCommerce. It is free but has a lot of optional choices that are paid.

WordPress is a little more challenging to use, but you can quickly learn the ropes, and then you will like it. The best part is the pricing. HostGator runs $3 per month if you pay annually or $12 if you pay monthly. Of course, you get a free domain with the annual plan; otherwise, it will be $5-$20 per year. But that is your only cost.

Quick comparison


  • $39 per month
  • Easy to use
  • Very popular
  • My pick for drop shipping business


  • Easy to use
  • $62 per month


  • Bigger learning curve
  • Usually around $12 per month your first year (for Siteground)

Adding a product

Regardless of which platform you have chosen, there will be guidance to walk you through adding products. You will learn as you go through it, and all of them have helpful tutorials if you get stuck.

Establish social media

Just like most businesses, social media plays a vital role in letting people know you are there. Essentially, Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest are places to show off what your store has to offer. From these platforms, you can build an email list of subscribers, get sales and be on your way to building your dropshipping business.

They will make it easy for you to get this done on each platform—time to put your best foot forward.


You will probably want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. This is a way to amp up the number of people that see your products and hopefully buy. Be careful with this and start small. Maybe try $5 per day, and when you find an ad that works, then you can scale upward.

Earn passive income

That is the whole point of a dropshipping business. To paraphrase Warren Buffet, “make money while you sleep.” It is the holy grail of the business world. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online business or a brick-and-mortar.

So there you have it. It really is not very difficult to get a dropping shipping business up and running. The startup cost is pretty low compared to other businesses, which is why so many people are doing it. There are over 5 billion internet users, and the number is growing.

A word of caution

As with any low barrier to entry business, dropshipping may seem easy, but it is anything but that. Everything listed in this article will get you into the business, but that doesn’t mean it gets you sales. Plenty of pitfalls cause entrepreneurs to give up and quit, losing their dream of telling the boss to take a hike. Let’s go over some of those now.

  • No one wants your product. Ouch, nothing hurts like that but it is true. If you watch YouTube videos you can find countless stories of succesful drop shippers that went through several products before they found a winner.
  • Your advertising is not generating sales. This is by far the biggest reason for failure. You are pumping big dollars in to Facebook ads and getting very little in return. You will need to learn a great deal on advertising to be succesful. I encourage you to look at Flippa and see the Shopify stores for sale. You can browse and look at the expenses the owners claim. I just picked 3 randomly and it was $200, $400, and $3000 a month for Facebook ads. There are thousands upon thousands of ecoommerce sites and no one will know yours exists without advertising.
  • You quit too soon. If you havent read the book by Napolean Hill, Think And Grow Rich, you definately should. In this book he talks about a prospector that quits when he is 3 feet away from stricking gold. Dont let that be you.
  • Naysayers. It is easy to get discouraged by family and friends that tell you your wasting your time. You do you and don’t worry about anyone else.

Lastly, I want to direct you to a great resource. Wholesale Ted. Don’t ask me where the name comes from because it is a young lady named Sarah Chrisp. She has a ton of YouTube videos that have helpful advice. She is extremely friendly and bubbly (you will see what I mean) but, most importantly, extremely helpful.

I would also like to encourage you to build multiple revenue streams. Get your dropshipping business running and branch out. For instance, look at affiliate marketing as it is another way to build passive income.

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