Easy Ways To Increase Income And Save More Money

Since saving money only gets you so far, sometimes you need to easy ways to increase your income. Whether it’s a short-term need or to help with your long-term goals, these easy ways to increase your income are easy to fit into your life.

Before you roll your eyes and say, “I don’t have time for a second job!” – I hear ya! I ain’t got time for that either.

These easy ways to increase your income and save more money are designed for people like you and me – busy women, wives, and mothers who have never-ending to-do lists.

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Make Money and Simplify Your Life

Life is crazy. It’s filled with all kinds of material things that take our time and our talents. That doll collection? Think of all the time you have to spend dusting it. That closet full of who-knows-what? Think of the space you’d save if you cleaned it out and sold some of it.

Yes, I’m really telling you to sell your stuff!

Now, hang with me here for a minute. My husband Andrew hates to get rid of stuff and if your partner feels the same way, I sympathize.

Communication is key in any marriage and I don’t recommend selling anything without your husband’s consent. But if you can agree to get rid of a few things, it’s a quick, easy way increase your income and save more money.

Don’t think you have anything to sell? Think again! Check out this awesome list of 40+ things you can sell to make extra money right now. (There’s even a free printable in it for you – I love free stuff!)

Make Money from Your Talents & Skills

You’ve got the skills? Sell them! Facebook and Craigslist are both great options to trade your skills for cash and increase your income. Great at cake decorating, wedding photography or creative writing? Are you a whiz when it comes to computer work or repair? Advertise online or make a flyer and hang it up at your library or grocery store to advertise and you can easily make an extra $500 per month.

Speak a 2nd language? Great a math? Tutoring can get you up to $60 an hour locally or around the world with online tutoring (technology makes this so easy!). You can also teach a single class or series of classes on a topic at a local library or community center for a bigger return of money for your time.

You can also start your own freelance business on the side. Not sure what to offer? You could start a freelance writing business like I did (if you love to write, otherwise it’s a bad idea lol). Virtual assistants are in demand now more than ever – just make a list of your best customer service, email, organizing, scheduling, etc., skills and start selling them!

The best part about this option is you can flex up or down in terms of the number of jobs you take on – if you need more money one month, take more work! And if you’re planning a vacation (or if it’s softball season and you won’t have the time), then you don’t need to take on as much work. Total flexibility!

Make Money while You Sleep

There’s only so much time in a day and the best way to generate extra income is to create passive income from products or ideas that require little ongoing involvement from you. What does that look like? You could try:

  • Dividends from stock investments
  • Rental income
  • Designing t-shirts to sell
  • Writing a book
  • Affiliate income from your website
  • Create an online course to sell

Get Cash from Everyday Activities

We already do a lot of shopping, right? So why not make money from it? Options like Ebates, Ibotta and Swagbucks let us earn cashback on items we’re already buying – making it an easy way to add some cash each month. And Swagbucks takes it a step further by paying you to watch tv! (Seriously, you should check it out!)

Some of these even give you the opportunity to earn money in your pj’s! I’ve written a lot of content for my freelance writing clients at home in my pajamas – so I know it’s possible.

How are you earning more money to help with your financial goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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