Exploring TikTok Side Hustles

Exploring TikTok Side Hustles

TikTok is a fun app. It is a source of entertainment in my life. I can get all kinds of information on cooking instructionals, navigating the daily grind, clothing options, vacation destinations, and so much more. One thing that I have run to TikTok for is ideas on side hustles. While exploring TikTok side hustles, I found some great ideas detailed below.

Ice Cream Cart

One of the things I keep seeing time and time again is ice cream carts. There are so many types of ice cream cart businesses on that app, and I love to see them. The pushcart seems the easiest to break into as it is the least expensive option. The start-up cost for the venture can cost just under $2000. That includes looking for a used cart to rehab rather than the pricey new models. You also have to find a place to set up and sell. There are a lot of parks and green spaces near me that would work well for this business.

Wine Cart

I have also seen a lot of wine carts advertised. The ones I saw were customized horse trailers. The inside of the trailer featured the kegs and hookups. On the outside were spigots dispensing the wine. Most cart owners get around the liquor license by not providing the wine themselves. They just provide an esthetically pleasing wine cart fixture for parties and celebrations and show the renters how to operate everything. Start-up costs for this are a little pricey at around $10,000 or more.

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Mushroom Business

Lastly, I started looking at mushrooms again. Start-up costs are relatively low, coming in under $500 for me. You can do a simple home setup to get started and can grow different mushroom varieties. As long as you don’t alter them after being picked and place them in an open-air container, you can sell them with a cottage food license. It can be sold direct to consumers or through farmers’ markets. As you grow the business, you can start providing your products to local chefs.

Flip Vintage Comic Book Collections For Some Quick Cash

There is no such thing as superhero fatigue. The popularity may wane, but superhero films are here to stay for a while. And whenever one of the big film studios announces the dates of upcoming films, it causes buying and selling spikes in the collectibles marketplace.

People who sell comic books can make a few bucks and sometimes even a few hundred if the comic is rare and in demand by collectors.

Can you source free or cheap comic books regularly? Then you can sell them on online auction sites to interested buyers. It won’t be that straightforward. You need to learn a bit about comic book fandom.

If you can get a stash of comics to sell regularly, then you can check their value for free on an online comic book price guide. You can learn the basic market value of the comic book before you hustle to sell it.

You are not going to become a billionaire overnight doing this. But you could definitely make a side hustle for yourself and perhaps a few bucks every now and then.

Here are just a few TikTok side hustles that make more of this week. What are you into?

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