My Favorite Free Tools for Virtual Assistants


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I love working with entrepreneurs; I find their energy and enthusiasm contagious!

The virtual assistant industry is booming right now. More people are going into business for themselves and business owners are benefiting from the expertise, price point and convenience of working with a virtual assistant.

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If you’re a newbie VA or simply looking for tools and resources you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many tools and software applications out there that I know it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. I’m here to help! I’m sharing my favorite free online tools, especially helpful to virtual assistants. These tools are a must for virtual businesses and made the list because they are free, simple to use, and offer big-time business benefits.


Google: Google offers many apps and a seamless platform that can handle most of your administrative needs. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Calendars, Sheets and Slides are just a few of the benefits of using Google as your primary platform. I’m a Google fan because it offers a smooth transition from phone to PC, is easy to share documents between clients and integrates well online and with social media.

HelloSign: When working virtually it’s important to protect yourself with a contract; it benefits both you and the client and clarifies your working relationship and what you both can expect moving forward. HelloSign is a top eSignature tool that makes it easy to upload documents and capture electronic signatures from all parties.

LastPass: Have you ever felt overwhelmed with passwords and thought to yourself “there has to be another way”. LastPass is password manager tool that saves passwords and gives you secure access on any device. LastPass is a great tool for your clients also; it allows them to give you access to their accounts while keeping their passwords protected. Don’t waste time resetting and recording passwords; let LastPass do it for you.

Airtable: My absolute favorite! Airtable is a CRM database, project manager, and organizer. It’s fully customizable and user-friendly. I use it personally to keep track of leads and marketing activities, client info, projects and tasks and even have a blog calendar. It offers an attractive design and is free up to 1200 records. I recommend Airtable to all small business clients that need a CRM or marketing calendar.

Join.Me: Because clients don’t typically do what we do and often need our guidance to walk them through programs, social media and more I recommend using a screen sharing platform; it’s easier than trying to explain things over the phone. Join.Me is not only free but it’s simple to use and you can quickly take control and take the burden away from the client. View their screen or share yours. Join.Me is a professional tool sure to impress your client.

Don’t waste your precious time and money trying to buy up the latest and greatest in tech and support. Take advantage of these free resources that are sure to get the job done and focus your attention on gaining new clients and growing your business. You’ve got this!


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