How To Become A Debt Collector

How To Become A Debt Collector

Are you looking for a rewarding new career? Looking for some excitement or just something different than what you are used to? Although hated by some, debt collection is an interesting career opportunity. While not the highest salary in the financial services field, you can share your persuasion skills, earn competitive wages, and even earn bonuses. If this is of interest to you, follow along to learn how to become a debt collector.


First thing first, you need an education. At the very least, a high school diploma will do in this field. While high school education is acceptable, most people in this field have a bachelor’s degree. Aside from your degree, you may need other certifications to get started. The most common is the Professional Debt Collectors certification. You may also be required to obtain a collection agency bond and an official debt collection license if you’re going into business for yourself or as an independent contractor.

Relevant experience

Aside from obtaining an education, the best qualification you can have is prior experience. While it is not necessary to have debt collection experience, experience in other fields would be helpful. Experience and qualifications in customer services, business, financial services, IT will boost your appeal to businesses looking to hire and help you better acclimate to your new job and work environment.

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Look for jobs that are willing to train and pay for your licensure. Be on the lookout for a job that meets your salary requirements and is already looking for skills you possess. You can find many debt collector jobs on websites like Indeed or Ziprecruiter. If your job isn’t cutting it anymore, or you’re just looking for new opportunities, becoming a debt collector could be a good move. If not, what jobs do you have your eyes on? Let us know in the comments.

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