Get Help From a Fraud Job Offer

How to Get Help From a Fraud Job Offer

We are in a challenging period in the world. Many people are facing economic hardships due to layoffs and a reduction in work hours. To combat the problem, many are leaning on unemployment and other social services. While there may be some job opportunities, they are becoming harder to find and keep. In an effort to feed your family, you have to keep up the hunt but beware of people preying on you with fraud job offers. Check out how to get help from fraud job offers, so you won’t become a target.

Warning Signs of A Fraud Company

When looking for jobs, it’s always a good sign to look up the company you are applying for. If they do not have a legitimate website, it’s probably not a good idea. When there is a posted number, call in and make sure it works and is for the proper business. If the company asks you to pay them anything to get started, it’s not likely to be a legitimate job. Most companies would not ask you to pay anything upfront to get hired on. Be wary of jobs that are offered to you unsolicited, seem too good to be true, or positions you never heard of as well.

Common Fraud Job Offers

Many different fraud job schemes are going on the top one on most people’s radars is MLMs. Aside from those, there are other common fraud jobs like stuffing envelopes, online reshipping, and rebate processors. One that you may not have thought about is data entry. While there are many legit data entry positions, there are many that are not. A legitimate data entry position does not ask for any upfront money to train and does not boast high wages.

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How to Get Help From a Fraud Job Offer

When you see a fraudulent job offer advertised or are being solicited for one, there are some steps you can take. If you found the job on an online job search engine like Indeed or Monster, report the company to them immediately for them to review. If you provide sensitive data or information to the job or their agent and believe it to be at risk, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can also file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and BBB.


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