Get Paid To Receive Text Messages

How To Get Paid To Receive Text Messages

There are so many ways to get paid. If you’re not looking for a traditional side hustle, another 9 to 5, or a part-time job, there’s always another way. I just found out about a cool opportunity that you can do with just your handheld device. It’s something I haven’t heard of until now, but apparently, it’s legit and people are doing it. The cool new thing is getting paid to receive text messages. Follow along to learn more about what it is, how to do it, and payout.

What Is It?

These opportunities allow you to text chat for money. It’s convenient, easy, and you can make a little money doing it. You may not get a hefty check, but it could be enough to stash away for a rainy day. Depending on the company you start with, your text chats could be friendly conversations, learning opportunities, or even companionship.

Top Companies to Get Paid To Recieve Text Messages

Every site list, McMoney as the top app that allows you to get paid receiving text messages. The company uses the service to test and improve mobile applications. You get paid by the number of text messages you receive. There are restrictions on location and the type of mobile phone used. Note that they only accept applicants with android devices. It’s a simple passive way to earn money, and you can set your own operational hours so that they do not bother you with text messages at important moments in your day.

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A alternative text app is  I Spay Plates. It is a company that helps banks and repo men recover vehicles. They send you text messages regarding licenses plate numbers you have seen on the road and pay you for receiving and responding to the inquiry. After entering the first ten plates, there is a $50 bonus. There is also a $25 bonus for the first three people you refer to use the service.

Paid Text App Positions for Experts

For a bigger payout, you need to be an expert in your field or have special skills. If this sounds like you, check out Just Answer chat for a payout of up to $30 for answering questions. The site requires proof of education and or work history to qualify you as an expert. If your a qualified therapist or psychiatrist pays out between $20-$25 for providing emotional support to people with depression and anxiety.If you’re not into texting, but you love a good phone conversation, and you have the expertise, Fibler is for you. Fibler connects people with experts to help answer their questions on a one-to-one phone call. While this costs much less than going to ask for a specialist in person, you get to set your hours and prices per minute.

While some text receiving paying gigs are just slight passive income opportunities, some pay really good money. If you have interest in starting as an expert in one of these companies, check out the in-text links and posted videos.

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