How to Make 300 Dollars Fast in 2023 (25+ Legit Ways)

I don’t know about you, but the past year has definitely taken a toll on my finances (I blame Amazon Prime). 

If you are anything like me, you probably let boredom and shopping therapy get the best of you during the quarantine. 

And hey, I’m not here to judge you on your spontaneous purchases that you probably didn’t need but somehow ended up in your online shopping cart. 

Even if you could have lived without that $50 LED light set…Things happen! 

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Fast forward to the present day you, (and me), might be looking for some extra cash to replenish your bank account from time to time. 

What if I told you that there are easy ways of how to make 300 dollars fast? Well, it’s your lucky day! 

I put together an extensive list to help you out for the rest of the year. Sit back, relax, and let’s get started, shall we?

1. Take Online Surveys

Swagbucks - How to Make 300 dollars quickly

If you’re looking to kill some time and make money while watching Netflix, why haven’t you started taking online surveys? 

Websites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollar, and SurveyJunkie will pay you anywhere from $0.05 to $5.00 for 3 to 25 minutes of your time.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is! 

If you sign up today, InboxDollar will give you a free $5.00 sign up bonus! Seriously, friends, this is one of the easiest ways to make 300 dollars out there.

2. Start a Blog 

If you’re in it for long-term success, then blogging is definitely the job for you

Whether you’re into sports, cooking, lifestyle, or fashion, blogs with all sorts of topics make people all over the world rich. 

Although the process may take longer than others, I can tell you right now that the rewards are totally worth it. 

With blogging, you have the opportunity to build a brand for yourself and work with businesses to create an empire of success! 

Promote products and services while getting paid, travel the world, and work from any location you please. Sounds like heaven, am I right? 

Suppose you’re dedicated and have a passion for reaching a larger audience online. What’s stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself? 

3. Rent a Car with HyreCar 


Does your car sit in the driveway for most of the week? If you answered yes, why haven’t you signed up to rent your vehicle on HyreCar yet? 

HyreCar is a website that allows people to rent out cars to Uber and Lyft drivers! And the best part of all, you might ask? 

People can make anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 extra a year, which is way better than $300 if you ask me! 

HyreCar is a trustworthy company that will pair your car with reliable drivers. No need to worry about people taking your Kia out for a fast and furious spin around town. 

You can even rent out your car on a long-term basis, which means more passive income. Can I get a heck yes?

4. Sell Your Stuff on eBay or Facebook Marketplace 

If you’re really in a bind for money, why not sell some of your items on Facebook Marketplace or eBay? 

These sites are great for selling unwanted clothing items, furniture pieces, or even old random items that are collecting dust on your shelf! 

This is also a great excuse to declutter your space after all spur of the moment Amazon purchases you bought during the quarantine

This is, by far, one of the easiest ways of how you can make dollars fast.

5. Teach English online 

Suppose you are a native English speaker and have a degree. 

In that case, you have the opportunity of making up to $25 an hour teaching English to children overseas from the comfort of your home! 

Two great websites to check out are VIPKid and iTalki. 

Both websites offer a straightforward setup process. You even have the flexibility to choose your own hours! 

What are you waiting for? Learn how to make money with Online Tutoring Jobs

6. Do Odd Jobs with TaskRabbit

This online platform allows users to pick up one-time jobs around their neighborhoods for quick and easy money! 

If you’re the person who doesn’t mind doing odd end jobs here and there, then you should definitely check out TaskRabbit. 

Work, however, many tasks you want with no previous qualifications required. This job is seriously the easiest one you’ll come by!  

7. Become an Uber driver 

If you have a set of wheels and a clean driving record, working as an Uber/Lyft driver is the perfect way to make money quickly

Drivers can make up to $25 an hour, plus tips! If you have a couple hours to kill during the week, you can easily make more than 300 dollars! 

It’s time to start the ignition and drive yourself down the road of sweet, sweet success one drive at a time. 

8. Freelance on Fiverr or Upwork 


Signing up for Fiverr or Upwork is a great way to make money using skills you already have! 

Whether you’re a writer, digital designer, or even a voice-over actor, these websites are the perfect way to quickly make an extra 300 dollars. 

Not to mention that there are so many other skills you can sell on there as well! 

The great thing about these websites is that you can set your own prices and take on however many gigs you want to at a time. 

If you have a free weekend, you should definitely check these sites out and start making money today! 

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9. Sign Up for a Cash Bonus Checking Account 

Banks are continually looking for new clients to sign up for bank accounts. 

Because there is a lot of competition in the financial industry, some banks will pay you money just to open a bank account with them! 

Free cash, people! 

You might as well open a bank account with all that money you’re going to make after reading this list! It’s the perfect scenario! 

Check online to see what deals each bank offers to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

10. Babysitting

Seriously, guys, babysitting is such an easy way to make 300 dollars! 

If you can spare a couple hours of your time once or twice a week, you will easily be able to reach this target! 

Parents love freedom from their kids (LOL), and they will be ever so gracious in giving you a fat stack of cash at the end of the night. 

If you can get along with kids well, start lending out your babysitting services to your family and friends!

11. Write for Listverse

Listverse is a website that pays writers to write listicles (list articles) for users to read! 

The article topics are pre-picked and can range from anything weird to anything humorous! There are no qualifications to submit articles (no expertise required!). 

The website will pay you $100 if your article is accepted! Making money doesn’t get easier than this!  

12. Become a Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant - How to Make 300 dollars quickly

Did you know some people are making over $100,000 a year being a virtual assistant? No, you’re not dreaming. 

This job is seriously legit! 

The best part about being a personal assistant (besides working from your bed in your pajamas) is the fact that you don’t need any previous experience to use this gig! 

Depending on who you are working for, some basic tasks you will be asked to do will range from answering emails, making reservations, and setting up meetings. 

Sounds easy, right? It absolutely is! This opportunity is waiting for you!

13. Clean Houses 

If you’re looking for extra money on the side, cleaning houses is the perfect side gig for you. 

People want to do the last thing when they come home from working 8-hour days to clean their house. 

That’s why offering to clean people’s homes once in a while is the perfect gig when you’re looking to make money. 

People post cleaning job offers all the time on websites such as Craigslist. 

There’s no experience required, and each house shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours to clean. 

14. Shovel Snow/Mow Lawns

If you’re one of the few people that loves below zero temperatures or the smoldering heat, then shoveling snow and mowing lawns is the perfect job for you to make 300 dollars very quickly. 

Trust me, if I could avoid winter for the rest of my life, you better believe I would be doing so. 

Lots of people are too tired to shovel snow during snowstorms or mow their lawn in 30-degree weather. 

So why not give them a break and offer your services around your neighborhood for a couple hours and watch as all the thankful homeowners compensate you very nicely for your assistance!

15. Scalp Tickets 

Look, on any other given day, I would tell you to stay away from scalping tickets. 

But look, I get it if you’re tight on money for the month, then scalping tickets is a straightforward way to earn an extra couple hundred dollars. 

All you need to do is look online for popular concerts in your area that you know for a fact are going to sell out quickly and purchase a couple tickets. 

Once it’s closer to the show, all you have to do is post the tickets online. 

People who are really looking to go to their favorite artist’s concert will pay for overpriced tickets just so they can breathe the same air as their idol (me included).   

16. Sell Vintage Items Online 

If you have an eye for fashion, then you know that vintage clothing is making a comeback, and fast! 

What’s impressive about vintage clothing is that you can always find one-off pieces of clothing that are super fly at the thrift store that is super cheap to buy. 

The best part is if the item of clothing is in good condition, people will pay way more than what you did for it! 

Do some research online, so you know what you’re looking for, and in no time, you’ll have an extra stack of cash with your name on it.

17. Sell Your Art on eBay 

If you’re an artist, then first off, I am very jealous of you. 

The best thing I learned how to draw in school was stick people (yikes). 

Seriously though, if you are a talented artist and love creating everything from crafts to jewelry, there are sure to be people out there that appreciate your art as much as you do! 

Forget the old sayings that artists never make money. This is a new era, and there are many more opportunities for artists to sell their pieces online, so why not try eBay! 

You never know; people may even start a bidding war on some of your posted items!

18. Apply for a Focus Group 

Focus Group

Participating in focus groups around your city is a perfect way of how to make 300 dollars fast. Researchers are always on the lookout for participants. 

There are usually no demographic requirements for you to participate in each group! Focus groups only take a couple of hours, and they pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per session! 

You can find focus groups in your area through Google. If you have some extra time here and there, this is the perfect job for you! 

If in-person participation isn’t your vibe, then there is also the option of participating in online focus groups as well!

19. Review Websites and Apps

Getting paid to test websites and apps is just about as easy as filling out online surveys. The only difference is that this gig will pay you considerably more for your time! 

When testing a website, you are looking for the functionality and reliability of the platform companies have created.

After going through the website, you give your feedback on your experience, and voila! Money! 

User Testing is a great website that will pay you a minimum of $10 per testing session. 

This is the perfect side hustle and time killer when you are bored on a weekend afternoon.

20. Be an Extra on a TV Show 

Calling all my aspiring actors and actresses! If you’re looking for a quick way to make 300 dollars, then this is the job for you! 

Being an extra on a TV is not only a great way to make fast money, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to build your resume and meet other actors in your area. 

Who knows, you might even run into someone famous on the set!  

21. Dog walking 

Dog Walking

Animal lovers, this is the perfect way to make 300 dollars quickly and get your daily steps in! 

What’s excellent about dog walking is that you can walk multiple dogs at once, which means more money for you! 

You can choose your own hours, and who doesn’t love getting some puppy therapy in once in a while?

22. Manual Labor 

Manual labor is the perfect job for anyone who is looking to make big money quickly. 

People are always looking for others to help them around their household, whether cutting firewood or helping build furniture. 

Craigslist and Facebook marketplace are great places for people to start their search. If you work for a couple of hours at one or two households, you will make 300 dollars in no time! Trust me.

23. Mystery Shopper 

Get paid to shop. Yes, you read that correctly! 

Being a mystery shopper is pretty straight forward. Companies hire people to visit their stores, pretend to be average customers, and report back on the service and overall experience. 

Simple right! Each shop you visit pays anywhere from $5 to $20. 

If you have an extra couple of hours on your hand, you can easily $300 over the weekend!  

24. List a Spare Room on Airbnb


If you’re lucky enough to own a second property, why not list your space on Airbnb? 

Depending on your home location and what you have to offer in terms of amenities, this is the perfect opportunity to make a couple hundred dollars here and there while you’re not living there.

Alternatively, you can also rent out your home while you are out of town. With the extra couple hundred in your wallet, you can put that towards bottomless margaritas!

25. Paint Houses 

Painting is another excellent way of how to make 300 dollars fast. 

Again, people are always looking to spruce up their homes without doing the work themselves (myself included). 

You can easily find job postings online of people looking for help painting the inside and outside of their homes. Come on – take advantage of this opportunity!

26. Landscaping 

If you love nature, have an eye for design, and don’t mind getting your hands covered in the dirt, then this is a perfect way to make a lot of money in no time. 

Landscapers can easily make 300 dollars a day, depending on the size of the project. A lot of the time, the homeowners will pay you cash well. Cha-ching! 

What I like about landscaping is you don’t need to have a business or any qualifications to work in landscaping. You can post online or around your neighborhood and even check out job postings. 

People are always looking for others to help them maintain their yard, so why not make an extra couple hundred dollars on the side!

27. Tutoring 

How to Make 300 dollars quickly - Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way to make 300 dollars quickly and easily. Depending on your skillset, tutors can make anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour! 

If you tutor a younger student once or twice a week for a couple hours, there is no way you shouldn’t be able to makeover your savings goal! Sign me up!

28. Help People Move Houses 

Moving day can be stressful. 

Especially when you have no one to help you carry boxes and furniture from the moving truck to your new home. 

People are always looking for an extra set of hands to help them during their move, so why not start making money helping them! 

The great thing about moving is you don’t need a business license or any special qualifications to work as a mover. It’s that easy!

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29. Rent Out Your Empty Parking Space

If you live in the city and don’t have a car but are lucky enough to have a parking space regardless, people will pay you big, big money just so they can park in the spot monthly. Trust me, I am one of those people! 

There is nothing worse than living in the city and unable to find parking or trying to parallel park when people are staring into your soul for five minutes (my absolute worst nightmare). 

Depending on your location, you can quickly charge people $300 a month to park their car in your space.  

Final Thoughts 

Ah, once again, you have made it to the end. Pat yourself on the back; you deserve it. 

The first step to realizing you’re addicted to shopping is admitting you have a problem. Kidding, it’s therapeutic okay? 

This list of how to make 300 dollars fast should help you get the ball rolling to save more money in all seriousness. 

Whether it’s a quick side gig or a way to make passive income from time to time, this list has something on it for everyone. 

Remember, making money is easy when you’re creative enough to go out and find the opportunities that are waiting for you! 

If you want to continue learning how to make money quickly, be sure to check out some of my other posts. 

There is something for everyone! Don’t be discouraged; you are the main character in your life, so what’s stopping you from being a hustler? 

Choose a couple of these gigs from time to time and watch your money increase in that new bank account you set up. 

It’s been real, my friends, until next time! Catch me signing off to go and hustle for that money!

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