How to Make Money on Steam: 7 Guaranteed Ways

Let’s admit it! We all have been scolded at least once in our lives for playing games. For most of the gamers out there I understand it’s actually a hobby. 

Now, what if I tell you that you can magically turn your hobby into a source of earning! Yes, pals!

You can actually earn real money just by rejoicing in your time while playing video games!

Without wasting any more time let’s dive into this and learn how to make money on STEAM.

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What Is Steam? 


Before getting into the real deal, I believe it’s important to know what steam is. Well, STEAM is a library but for game nerds. You can download a heck ton of games through this cloud-based application and not worry about running out of space. 

Steam allows you to sell stuff that is included in a game like skin or diamonds. Not only has that it also allowed you to trade cards! 

There’s also a thing known as Steam Wallet. This can be used to buy new games, in-game things, and much more. Sounds fun to me!  

How to Make Money on Steam: 7 Legit Ways

Earning money while playing video games is complete bliss. You will not need to invest extra hours for playing to get your fair share. It’s easy money! 

Now, it’s time to present in front of you some of the magical ways to make this easy money, so keep your eyes on it!

1. Collect and Sell In-Game Stems 

The first method that I think is the fastest way to earn money is trading things. The main motto of this is that if you have something unlocked in your game then you can easily be able to sell it to anyone who wants it. 

Let’s break this up in simple words. For instance, imagine you have been able to achieve a skin. You can either buy that skin for yourself or sell it. 

Sell it to whom you ask? Sell it in the steam marketplace. Don’t tell me you really thought that the black market was the only thing. Unlike the black market, this place trades legit things which will not put the police at your back.

Sell it in the steam marketplace and get the money you deserve. But how much money is it? It actually depends upon the thing that you are selling. It can range from a few bucks to some fat digits. 

You can sell characters, skins, various accessories, powers, and weapons. But do keep in mind that there’s a limit! You can sell up to 200 things. 

Here’s a small fact to brighten things up for you! The most expensive thing in this market is worth around $1873.40. All this money for a pan! It is the well-known Olive Branch pan skin from PUBG.

The reason for its high market value is because it’s rare. So if you are up for this first method, I will suggest you keep an eye for the rare items as they can fluff up your wallet. 

2. Start Selling Your Trading Cards

Selling Your Trading Cards

The next way to add a little more volume to your wallet is to sell your trade cards. What are trade cards you ask? 

When you play a game on steam every 15 minutes you earn a trading card. Trading cards are in itself beneficial as they can be used to get many steam items, badges, and even offer you coupons to buy games and game-related stuff. 

You can also get a few cents after selling your cards. The price can be raised to a couple of dollars if you have those special foil cards. Here’s a little advice for you! In newly launched games the cards are more valuable so try aiming for them. 

Moreover, you can use special booster packages to turn your normal cards into foil cards. Foil cards are like 10 times more beneficial than normal trading cards.

3. Look for Pre-Release Games 

You might be thinking – why bother about unreleased content? But my folks this is where the clever steamer strikes in success. And I am about to turn you into one. 

Before any game is released there’s an option to purchase that game from the developers. Most people buy the game after the official release. This is what makes the pre-released game and its game-in items exclusive. 

All you have to do is get the game beforehand. Most of the games don’t have some of the items like skin or weapons after the release. This in turn makes the exclusive items you own rare in the steam world. 

As you might realize by now: rare things are expensive. When the game hits the gaming world, you sell your game-in items starting with a hundred dollars. It can range up to heart-warming thousands of dollars.  

All this waiting might seem excessive, but it’s totally worth it. They get their authentic items and you get your wallet heavy: a fair trade indeed! 

4. Sell Crates

Sell Crates

If you are familiar with playing PUBG or Global Offensive, then you might be familiar with crates as well. The two names mentioned are well-known for dropping crates. 

The crates can either be purchased or earned by playing games. If you play games regularly, then you surely will be rewarded with crates on a weekly basis but it actually depends upon the game.

After getting the crates you can immediately sell them for a decent amount. You can also buy some crates using battle points and re-sell them. It’s that easy, people! Just make sure to be constant with your gaming timing. 

5. Create and Sell Mods

If you have the developing skills then why not use them up in bringing new modifications into the game. In the Steam Workshop, you can easily create and sell the mods to earn money. 

There are plenty of things to modify like maps, plots, character models, weapons, and many more. 

For your easy access, some of the game developers allow you to modify certain things which you will find on the steam page of the game underneath the Workshop option. 

Not only does this increase the fame, but it also allows you to gain followers who will pay for the mods that you create in order to support you. 

Not only this, but you can also work with independent game developers. They might assign you to develop or modify an item that they will later sell in the Steam Direct. So, you will be able to earn money indirectly. 

6. Live Streaming on Steam

More or less most of us are familiar with live game streaming by gamers on YouTube, Facebook, or any social platform. But why need that when you have the live stream option of Steam itself!

You will easily find this option in the settings. From there, you will be able to manage the video resolution, the people who can watch your game streaming, the microphone resolution, and much more. 

Do keep in mind that the game streaming can be seen by Steam clients only. 

7. Why Not Make Your Own Game? 

The most potent way to earn your bucks is by making and selling your own game. You will receive money when people purchase your game and from the in-game items. 

Sounds like a childhood dream come true! Doesn’t it? You can actually make it true by using Steam Direct and Steam Works. 

By utilizing these you can build your own game. After that, you can give it to Valve to review. Once your game is clear of all requirements, you should be able to launch the game on the market. 

Just imagine your game goes viral worldwide! That’s a try worth aiming for. 

How Much Can You Earn On Steam?

Well dear gamers, it is quite difficult to estimate the expected income from Steam. On average, you can expect to earn from $25-$100. That doesn’t sound much to me either. That’s why I recommend not taking up Steam for your full-time profession. 

You might want to keep it as a side habit as it will not be able to supply you with your livelihood. 

However, if you are the maker of the game itself then it’s a whole different scenario for you, my lucky pal.

You will be benefited from 30-50% of all the profit your game makes in the Marketplace. This sum is obtained after deducting the staff and Steam’s percentage from the total. 

Final Verdict

Now that you are well-known for the topic of how to make money on Steam, I believe you will be able to choose the way that suits you and your timing most. 

It’s essential to keep the balance between your timetable so don’t get too addicted to this. Now I sound like your granny. 

With that being said, let’s put an end to this blog here. Thanks for sticking around. Do let me know what you think about these ways. See you soon on another blog amigos!

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