How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

Jumping into the new year, many of us are on the move to make some extra money. We’ve either set the resolutions of paying off our debts, phone bill, credit cards bill, or we simply want to make a few extra dollars for our checking account.

But where does the extra money come from? What do you do when you don’t have the time for a second job but need more money to pay the bills? If you are looking for a way to make some relatively easy money while also cleaning your house out, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

For anyone who hasn’t noticed it online, Facebook has a shortcut on the app and online to their own marketplace.

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You must have an account on Facebook to sell on the marketplace, and it needs your location in order for you to sell and buy from others around you.

People come to the marketplace to sell a variety of products: old furniture, clothes, musical instruments, and more.

On computers, the marketplace is on the left sidebar menu.

Are there regulations of who and what can sell?

Anyone can sell in the marketplace. To sell, you simply must have a Facebook account and follow the rules and regulations. Any product you would need to be 21 to have is prohibited to sell. For example, alcohol, prescribed or illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, and more are all restricted for selling.

You are also unable to sell services and animals. Services could be painting, washing cars, and more. On that same point, you are also unable to list potential jobs.

How to start selling on Facebook Marketplace

  1. Make sure you have a Facebook account, if you do not, create one.
  2. Next, Facebook will ask you to add photos of what you are selling. Take a lot of quality pictures of your product, detailing different angles of it.
  3. Choose a title to describe what you are selling. For example, if you are selling a couch, it may be, “Brown Real-Leather Couch.”
  4. Following that, add a description of your product. Use this section to sell your product and do a full detail description of what you’re selling. Include details of any scuffs, tears, or scratches on your product.
  5. Time to choose a price! Make sure you do not set too high of a price, or some people may not buy it.
  6. After you have entered all the data on what you’re listing, it is time to explain where you are selling it. The marketplace will ask for your location, so others near you can check out what you’re selling.
  7. Finally, list your product!

I would also recommend adding several groups in your area and listing in those groups as well. Facebook should pull up an option for that, but, if not, you should be able to find groups in your community by using the search bar.

An example of a group I sell stuff in is “Texoma Buy Sell Trade” because I live in the Texoma county.

What to sell on Facebook Marketplace

The key to selling on the marketplace is that the items you are selling need to be worth the time you are putting into listing it and meeting up with a buyer. For example, I wouldn’t sell my clothes in the marketplace (although some people do in mass quantities), but I would sell my desk.


  • Desk
  • Couch
  • Shelves
  • Filing cabinets
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Dressers
  • And more


  • Old phones (iPhone sell very fast)
  • Laptops and PCs
  • TVs
  • Game systems, such as Xbox
  • Calculators

These are just two examples of categories for picking what you want to sell. Ultimately, the decision is yours on what you think there is a demand for and if the item is worth taking the time to list. Don’t be afraid to try to list a variety of things though; you’d be surprised what sells!

What to do if your item isn’t selling on the Facebook Marketplace?

There are several reasons why your item couldn’t be selling. We will address a couple of common problems and solutions.

The price is too high

People come to the marketplace for a deal, and if you set your initial price too expensive, few will view it, and even less will buy it. Try lowering your price by a few dollars.

Not enough people are seeing it

If I am receiving no messages or views on my item, I will place it in a couple more Buy, Sell groups to see if I can improve its visibility.

There may be no demand for what you’re selling

Many times I have listed items and received no messages. Certain items are reliably in demand, but others, such as movies and headbands, can fluctuate. Although, I would additionally recommend adding your item to Craigslist before you give up on it.

Facebook has rejected your item

At times, Facebook can confuse your things for an item on their rejected list. If your item is rejected, you can easily submit an appeal to Facebook and Facebook will review it again.

How to build your seller ranking on the Facebook Marketplace

It is more likely other Facebook users will buy from you if you have a higher seller ranking. The seller ranking is based on a five-star system and lists what you do well on your profile.

People are only able to add feedback to your account after they have bought something from you, so you will develop your ranking in time.

Some ways to boost your score and earn “Badges” from Facebook are:

  • Respond to messages quickly. If you can reply to messages about your items within an hour, you can earn the “Very Responsive” badge and your typical response time is listed on your profile.
  • If you agree to meet someone, meet them there on time! Punctuality and reliability are important to buyers.
  • Believe it or not, customers can even list Fair Pricing and Item Description as your strengths. Take an extra second to develop these categories when you list your item. It’ll pay off.
  • Be friendly! Buyers are your customers, pleasing them should be a top priority.

Additionally, as you begin to sell, you can rate your buyers. This allows you to boost other people’s seller ranking.

Selling on the Facebook Marketplace isn’t a way to replace your income, but it can make you a little side hustle money, especially if you pour time and effort into it. Not only does selling things you never use anymore pay for a date night, but it also gives your items a second home!

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