25 Jobs Where You Work Alone (At Home) Best Jobs for Introverts

Show of hands…

Who’s looking for where their next paycheck is going to come from?

You’re laid off? Or you’re looking for your next side hustle? Or you’re tired of your co-workers and you want to work at home. Alone. (In your pajamas, with home-brewed coffee piping hot next to you.)

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Well, you’re in the right (virtual) place.

But before we dive into what you want to do to earn money. Real money. You have to ask yourself… “what do I like to do?”

Are you great at writing? Or you’re super crafty and like to make beeswax candles? Or you love admin work and numbers?

If you need more ideas… here’s 25 different jobs where you work alone for you to try out. Plus – they’re all jobs you can work at home and alone. (Where are the introverts?!)

Most of these jobs where you work alone are online opportunities and are scam-free… but some are also offline for those of you who aren’t that tech-savvy.

There’s something for everyone on this list. The best part? It’s all jobs where you work alone and from home.

Let’s get started…

This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you click through and make a purchase I receive a commission. This occurs at no cost to you. Disclosure.

1. Copywriter

Most people know what a writer is, but what’s a copywriter? In short:

Copy = Words

Writer = Someone who writes words

Copywriting is the act of writing the text for companies, businesses, and agencies.

But this kind of copy is more fun to write. That’s because this kind of copy is for engagements. It’s meant to connect and convert people to buy a product or sign up for a webinar.

This is great for writers who are conversational and friendly. You want to help people get their brand message through to the consumer.

If you hated writing long college papers in MLA format… but you love writing… consider copywriting.

You can find gigs on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

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2. Virtual Assistant

This is a booming business in today’s times. People now, more than ever are looking for online work from home jobs.

A virtual assistant is someone who takes care of administrative work, invoicing, emailing, and scheduling… but for another person’s business.

Think of it as a personal assistant job. But it’s virtual.

A typical day as a virtual assistant can be very busy and you might have to wear a lot of different hats.

The great news is, this all gets done remotely.

This allows the boss to grow their business and for you to make money from the comfort of your home. Sounds like a win-win!

Websites like Woodbows.com and Fancyhands.com is a great place to start.

3. Start A Blog

Blogging - Jobs Where You Work Alone

“But you can’t make money blogging!” Uhh – yes you can!

Blogging has been around since the start of the digital age. A blog is a digital space where you can share your interests, favorite products, lifestyle… you get the idea.

Most people think blogging is only for women, but that’s far from the truth! There are men out there who are die-hard blogging fans…as much as women.

Some of the most profitable blog niches include:

  • Photography
  • Health and Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Food and Beverage
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self Development
  • Finance and How To Make Money
  • Writing
  • Lifestyle blogging

You get the idea…

You can earn money through it through Google Ads, sharing your favorite products, and earning a commission for them. (See #8 Affiliate Marketing).

Another great way to earn money through blogging is through sponsored posts with brand deals.

If you have gained a niche amount of followers, whether it’s 1000 followers or even 100,000 followers per month… you can earn an income through brand deals.

You and the brand will agree upon a set amount of posts and shoutouts on your blog. In exchange, you will promote their website or product and service. You get paid for each post.

It can take a while to build up your business with blogging, but there’s no time like the present. So start blogging!

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4. Graphic Designer

Ever see all those fancy graphics on websites, billboards, magazines, logos, marketing materials, bus wraps… that’s the handy work of a graphic designer.

Graphic designers are proficient in Photoshop, Design, Adobe, Creative Suite, etc…

A graphic designer can create podcast covers, album covers, stickers.. you name it!

This is also a great gig that most content creators will outsource to other people.

Graphic Design can be very time consuming, even though it’s fun. Which means you can charge very well for your services.

For example, a nutritionist might want to create an ebook and wants the front cover of it designed. Or a podcaster needs their cover art reimagined.

If you love art and like to create it digitally… this is the perfect job for you.

5. Website Designer

Every website on the internet has one thing in common… they’re all designed by a Web Designer.

Many website designers can get started with very little experience. So if you have an eye for typography, templates, and imagery… this may be the gig for you!

Why is a website designer so important? The first impression someone has of a person’s business is their website.

A website designer can a digital space and make it more professional and interactive.

These designers pay special attention to brand messages, fonts, and company colors.

If you have a special touch with website design, you can get started today with it.

6. Social Media Manager

Love social media? Want to get paid to post pictures? Become a social media manager!

SM Managers are in charge of being a representative of a brand or business. A manager becomes the voice of the company.

You’ll have the duties of being in charge of social media marketing, posting content, and creating a relationship with brands and buyers.

Knowledge in social media platforms, digital marketing is super helpful when starting in this business. It is great for people with little to no experience.

If you know how to post on your social media accounts, then posting on others isn’t too hard.

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7. Website Developer

People often confuse Web Developers with Web Designers but they’re two completely different jobs. Both important. But different.

A website developer focuses on the aesthetic of the website. A developer looks at the backend of the website.

Wonder why a button on a website goes to a specific destination when you click it?

Or when you get to the site a box asking for your name and email pops up on your screen?

Ever hear of terms like “HTML” and…”CSS” and…”Javascript?”

Yeah, that’s the handiwork of a website developer. If you understand coding, this can be an incredible job for you.

Also, because most people don’t know how to code… you can get paid the big bucks for these services.

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8. Sell on Etsy

Sell on Etsy - Jobs Where You Work Alone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Etsy. This is an e-commerce platform for all your crafty dreams to come true.

We’re talking handmade designs like grapefruit candles. We’re looking at ceramic mugs for your pumpkin spiced latte.

Or if you have vintage finds like your grandmother’s locket that’s worth at least a couple of grand.

Or if you have an antique vase you found on the side of the road and want to sell it… Etsy is your friend.

You can create your store and sell all your crafty artwork like stickers and even beauty products.

It’s pretty straight forward, creates a store of your niche shop… and start selling.

You can create your products by yourself, and share them online for your customers to enjoy.

Check out Etsy.com to get started and set up a free account.

9. Affiliate Marketing

This is perfect for people who want to make an income, but don’t have a product or service.

How it works is this… you share other company’s products and services. Then, you market them to consumers who are already wanting to buy. Finally, you get a commission based off of each sale

Think of it like this, you’re the middle man or woman between the buyer and the seller.

You don’t have to:

  1. Own any product in your house
  2. Have to have distribution
  3. Have to ship any products or handle returns

All you do is share products and earn a commission. That’s it.

Affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the lowest risk businesses out there.

The golden rule with affiliate marketing is to share products and services you love.

For example, if you’re into finance and making money online… check out a website like ClickBank.com where you can find hundreds and thousands of digital products and courses to promote to your audience.

You could share courses like:

  • “Learn how to invest today”
  • “How to build a Shopify store”

Let’s say each course costs $1000… and you gain a 30% commission.

You sell one of each and have made $600. This is all without owning a product. Now that’s called making money the smart way.

10. Consultant

A consultant has one job…consulting. (Duh.) But seriously, this job gets done virtually and is super lucrative.

A consultant is an expert that other industry pros look to for advice in their business.

We have to remember that everyone is an expert in something. And if you’re good at something, never do it for free…

Business Consulting GIF by ABC Network - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ask yourself, “What am I good at?”, “What problem are people having in this niche?“, and â€How can I solve it?”

From there you’ll be able to offer your services professionally. You can also check out websites like Clarity.fm

You can be paid per minute to offer your consulting services.

Examples could be:

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate
  • Ecommerce
  • Retail
  • Health and Wellness

The list goes on…

11. Ghostwriter

This is where you dress up as a ghost and sit down to write.

Okay, just kidding. But what is a ghostwriter you might ask? Sounds a bit scary.

This is someone who’s hired to write literary works, text, copywriting… but here’s the catch: Full credit goes to the owner, not to you as the writer.

For example, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey… is a super famous personal development book.

Surprise! It was commissioned by ghostwriter Ken Shelton.

Ken got paid A LOT of money to write this book plus EXTRA because his name wasn’t going to get credit for it. Stephen would get the credit though.

A lot of celebrities will pay ghostwriters to write their books for them, but their name goes on the front cover.

It’s important to note that ghostwriters are more advanced writers. You need to have a portfolio to get started in this industry. The good news is that it can be pretty easy to build up that portfolio.

You can offer to write for free for agencies or blog contributions to get started.

Ghostwriting is a fantastic way to earn substantial money. It’s lucrative, but be prepared to give up the credit.

12. Surveys

Before you roll your eyes and scroll… here me out. You can make legitimate money from doing surveys online.

Companies like: Cashcrate.com and Inboxdollars.com are legitimate survey-taking sites. You can also earn a commission for every person who signs up!

While there are quite a few scams out there in the survey world, there’s a lot of great opportunities. Surveys are more of a side hustle, but you can make money from them.

13. Voice Acting

Do you like to talk? Want to get paid to do it?

Most people don’t know that voice acting is even a thing unless you’re working at Disney or Pixar… but regular people just like you can earn a large living from voice acting.

Does anyone ever tell you, “Hey, I like the sound of your voice?”

Voice acting could be a lucrative way for you to break into the movie industry… all while never having to leave your couch.

A Voice Actor is someone who does voice-overs. This can range from being hired to record a voicemail for a Law Firm to narrating an Audible original book.

But yes, you can get paid to talk.

Websites like: Voices.com is a great place to get started.

Note: You’ll need a computer and microphone for recording as the buyer will only accept high-quality clips.

14. Website Tester

Website testing is where you’re hired to test new website functionality before they launch.

For big companies and small businesses… a website is their lifeline.

This is a virtual space that attracts leads from all over the world. If a website is launched before every function works perfectly, that business is at risk for losing customers.

At the end of the day, websites are technology. And as we all know technology can sometimes, well… glitch.

When you’re running a business glitching is a big “no-no”. We don’t have time for it and neither do you!

That’s why companies will pay testers like you, and walk you through the process of testing out their site.

Usertesting.com is a great website to check out and get started.

15. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a person who transcribes audio and video into text. This is helpful for video and audio clips that are hard to hear and need closed captioning.

Sites like TranscribeMe.com and Rev.com are two of the most popular websites.

You can also offer your services for Transcribing on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

This is a job that a 12-year-old kid could so it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

If you have a good set of ears and can transcribe what you hear with little to no mistakes… then get started in Transcribing.

16. Video and Audio Editor

YouTubers, Podcasters, Videographers usually have a lot of content that needs editing.

This is one of the most common tasks to outsource for content creators. Which is great news for you!

You’ll be able to make money editing their content for them. Most editors have a basic knowledge of editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can pitch your services to various content creators on social media. They’d be more than happy to offload the burden of constant editing.

You can submit examples of your work and pitch them to your favorite creators.

17. Digital Course Creator

Everybody is an expert in something… whether it’s financial planning or sewing or how to run a farm.

Did you know the digital course industry is to rise to 325 BILLION dollars by the year 2025???

That’s a whole lot of billions, that’s for sure!

Take advantage of the possibility of teaching your digital course online today.

A few websites you can get started with are:

  • Teachable.com
  • Kijabi.com
  • Thinkific.com

You can upload your videos and content to these websites and get started with creating!

18. Customer Service Rep

Did you know most businesses have a customer service team? And they’re not in a house or at a call center.

Make your living room your call center!

These customer service reps are typically at their house, sipping chai tea, headsets over their ears… ready to take on the next customer. And it’s all done virtually.

You’ll be providing services, answering customer care questions for the company.

19. Bookkeeper

If you know how to count, and you’re decent at Math… become a Bookkeeper. Anyone who has a business needs a bookkeeper. This makes this online job very inclusive.

Bookkeepers are highly requested too because of their knowledge and expertise of finances.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs like to focus on the creative side of their work.

They don’t want to spend their time on bookkeeping or financial planning. This aspect of their business can drain their creative energy. That’s where you can come in!

If you’re good at financial planning and management… this is the perfect job for you. Plus! You can do it all remotely and ALONE.

Most BookKeepers use sites like Quickbooks.com to tracks their expenses.

20. Photographer

Everyone knows what a photographer is…right? Well, just in case you don’t… it’s someone who takes photographs. (Great description, I know.)

While you can be a photographer of headshots, weddings, and special occasions… there’s a lot of gigs you can do alone and on your own.

Solo shooting in nature, residences, businesses, hotels, etc is a great way to build your portfolio… while not having too many people around.

And no, you don’t need an expensive camera. You can shoot incredible photography on a smartphone as well. The great thing about photography is that it is a skill you can pick up pretty quickly.

Most photographers use Instagram to market their services. Don’t be afraid to put your work out there.

Happy shooting!

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21. Online Personal Trainer

Do you love fitness and health?

Are you passionate about helping others become the healthiest versions of themselves?

Personal training might be for you. But not in the traditional way that you may think.

Online personal training is a very lucrative business. You can upload your favorite workouts onto a virtual platform. Most online personal trainers have 12-week programs for their students.

You could also create pdfs, ebooks, and fitness classes for your clients.

Traditional personal training is in a stuffy and sweaty gym. But with online clients… you can work without even meeting your clients in person.

Plus! You’ll never have to set foot inside a gym again or meet with people… if you want.

22. Airbnb Hosting

Own a space? An extra bedroom? A shed? No, but seriously you could be making an extra $1,500 per month (on average) renting out your epic spot.

Some Airbnb Hosts make even $50,000 a month… so anything is possible.

With hosting, you typically don’t have to meet the guests. Which makes this an income opportunity you can do alone.

You can hire out cleaners and greeters to meet with your guests and you can handle the back end of it.

Even amid the Pandemic… people are still traveling and enjoying getaways. Start hosting on Airbnb.com today!

23. Academic Tutor

As an academic tutor, you can work online. You can tutor people ranging from Kindergarten to College.

Where someone else might struggle learning that might be a strength for you.

Bonus points if you’re fluent in another language. If you can teach English, Chinese, Russian, etc then this is a great gig for you to earn money.

Websites like Tutor.com is great to get your foot in the door of the tutoring world.

24. Review Writer

Most people didn’t even know this was a thing, but you can get paid to write reviews for companies.

Restaurants, hotels, and cool experiences will pay good money for it too!

What they’re looking for is feedback on their service. You can then come home and write all about the service or experience you received.

25. House Cleaner

House cleaning can be a great way to make money offline while working alone. Businesses and residences (most of the time) will hire help when no one is home.

That’s because they don’t want their house cleaner to disrupt the flow of their home. The house cleaner should only add to the home and keep it tidy and spotless.

The great thing about house cleaning is you can charge up to $60 an hour to clean a house.

So put in your earphones, grab your mop, and start cleaning.

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Look for gigs on websites like Care.com and Maidtofit.com

You’ll be able to get started with little to no experience. Most homes and residences provide cleaning supplies as well. So you’re able to get started with little to none investment costs.

Final Words

So there you have it… 25 jobs where you work alone and that you can do from home.

Yes, we are in the middle of a Pandemic. And yes, there has been a lot of unemployment.

But that should not stop you from making the money you desire and deserve. All 25 of these jobs where you work alone are pretty easy to get into.

It’s important to know that when first starting in any business, we may not be paid the money we are worth.

Build up your portfolio and your business. Get as many positive reviews as you can and keep working!

What’s great about these gigs is you can do them all from the comfort of your home.

This means, no annoying boss or long commutes. And it also means you can create a schedule on your terms.

Tired Over It GIF by SLOTHILDA - Find & Share on GIPHY

A big stressor for a lot of people when working at their jobs is the work environment they are in. They might not be working with the most positive people. Or their boss is super negative and rude.

Working from home and by yourself gives you the freedom to create your work environment.

Isn’t that something we all want?

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