Master List Of Tips for Working From Home With A Baby

Sleep like a baby… ha ha ha ha ha ha. Baby may sleep, but not if mama has to work. Over the past decade, many mothers have decided to bring home.

But, when a new baby comes along… things get more difficult. It’s challenging, but you can do it!

So, here is a master list of tips for working from home with a baby:


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First of all, lose the mom guilt.

You are full-time with the baby and working from home. You are a literal rock star! Don’t fall into the trap of feeling less than incredible.

Just by simply balancing those two feats, you have beaten the odds. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to be perfect all the time. Things happen, but you’re doing it! And making up your mind is half the battle.

So, when you spend too much time on the computer- give yourself some grace.

When you don’t put as much time in at work, but take a nap with the baby- give yourself grace. Holding onto mom guilt doesn’t help. So, let it roll off your shoulders and keep being amazing.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Seriously, it’s “ok”.

I’ll say it again- seriously, it’s “ok”. Chances are, there are people in your life who are willing and excited to help however they can. There’s no possible way to get 100% of everything done, every time.

So, if you feel like you’re starting to down in your tasks, ask for some help.

  • Hire of Mother’s Helper
  • Ask a family member or friend to commit to one day a week to help with the baby
  • Communicate to your spouse your desire to work, and lay out how he can help you around the house

Prioritize your time.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of the Facebook scroll or tick-tock videos. It’s mindless and you’re exhausted from thinking about everything you haven’t done yet.

Unfortunately, this leads to an unproductive day.

So, start each day with a prioritized list of things that must get accomplished that day. Keep that list minimal, especially if your baby is very young. Then, reward yourself with some mind numbing social media (or an awesome hobby) once your tasks are completed.

Oh, and by the way. It’s “ok” if your goals for that day only consist of holding baby and eating chocolate. Everyone needs a day like that every once in a while. Especially mom’s who work from home.

Watch out for those things that quickly steal your valuable time away. The point here is to prioritize your time – first- for the things that matter the most.

Be Flexible

If you’re unable to change your plans, or adjust your schedule when needed… working from home with a baby probably isn’t the best call for you. There are some personality types that are unable to “roll with the punches” when it comes to what they had planned for that day.

This isn’t you. You are flexible. You are able to have a full schedule of emails, calls, and posts to complete… but had to tend to a sick baby instead. Oh, and you didn’t loose your mind. You just moved that list of things until tomorrow and rested knowing that you did what was most important.

Establish a consistent sleep schedule.

Yes, it’s possible. And once the baby is sleeping (the same time each day), you will be able to fill your schedule better. Start by planning naps at the same time each morning and afternoon. *It’s totally fine to take one of those naps with your baby. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are some tips for getting nap routine under wraps:

  • Create a comfortable and quiet environment
  • Nap in the same place each day
  • Establish a daily nap time routine such as two stories, a bottle, a song, and then lay down.
  • Don’t give up or get discouraged when baby relapses on a successful nap time schedule. You’ll get it back.

Bedtime routines are also important because those hours directly after baby goes to sleep can be used as powerful working hours. So, take the time to make bedtime right. Spend time with those snuggles, songs, and stories. Then, go to work.

Here are some tips for bedtime success:

  • Keep the same routine nightly, even if bedtime happens at a different time. If the same thing is done daily, baby will get used to the routine and be able to be laid down easier.
  • Make sure baby is getting enough sleep each night. An exhausted baby is often more difficult to get to sleep.

And finally…

Don’t stop believing in yourself… and your dreams!

Only you have the power to make your dreams come true. Yes, you will have hard days. That’s a given.

But, you have what it takes to become successful- all while working at home with a baby. Keep your “why” close to your heart and your baby close to your side. You have what it takes. Keep in mind that failures and mistakes don’t cause someone to fail. Giving up is what causes someone to fail…

And that’s not you. Sticking to it when times get tough is what will get you through. Never stop believing in yourself and your dreams. You never know… your big break-though may be just around the corner.

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