Mothers Who Work From Home Bless Their Whole Families – Here’s Why

Most mothers who are able to work from home wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having worked from home for nearly a decade now – both for others and myself – I can tell you…. I hope I never have a “real job”again. You make your own schedule. You work your own hours. You choose your own work location.

‍And you’re able to work as much or as little (in theory) as you want. Let’s dive into the ways that working from home can – if it’s right for you – truly bless the whole family.

1. Working at home gives you more time with your kids

The number one complaint of more veteran mothers everywhere is this:  my kids grew up too fast.

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So many parents complain about the years flying by. And, they do… working from home can benefit your family because it allows you to spend more time with your kids during these precious years. They go so fast, and being home with them will allow a working mom to catch those quality moments. 

Moments like first steps or other developmental milestones that daycare workers keep to themselves to avoid hurting a mother’s heart. Or, moments like morning time snuggles, hugs and kisses all day long for little ones who aren’t in school yet, and greetings right off the bus (or school pick up) for older kids. 

2. You have more time for the things you love

If you stay at home with the kids then you already have a lot of time for the things you love with your children. Adding a work from home job will take some of that time away – but it’ll give you a whole lot more. If you work away from home, and when you take away the commute, traffic, and stops to and from work… you’ll be surprised how much time you actually have in your day.

Yes, you will fill them with important things. However, when managed (to benefit your stress and needs), a parent working from home can carve out time to do some things you love. Perhaps you have a long lost hobby like knitting or painting. Or, maybe you have always wanted to try something creative but never have the time to. 

Working from home can benefit the whole family because you’ll have picked up your hobbies again. Whether it’s  music, the gym, scrap-booking, or anything else… you’ll find that your stress levels decrease when you get to do the things you love. Whatever it is that you love, working from home may help you get back to it. And, that’s a plus! 

3. Working Around the House 

Let’s be honest… It can be challenging to keep up with all the housework when you’re out in the workforce. Maybe you’re like some working moms who  pay someone to clean your house?  Bringing work home means that you can possibly get a few things done throughout the day to alleviate some stress in the homemaking department. This can definitely benefit the whole family. 

Furthermore, you may even be able to tackle some  larger home jobs that have been on your wish list of things to do.  

Want to know the busiest stores during the time that the COVID pandemic started to sweep through our nation? You guessed it: Home Depot and Lowes. Why? Because virtual working and remote services brought so many of the working force home.  And, so many were about to get those wanted home projects done. 

4. Healthy Habits & Eating

More time at home means that you’ll have more control over your family’s health and nutritional habits. And, this is so important. Let me explain: Working from home means that you can have the time to plan family meals. Grocery shopping may also become more convenient for you to accomplish.  Think of what you can do with this freedom.

Have you considered meal prepping but haven’t found the time? Do you have dreams for those healthy school lunches but never seem to make it happen?Working from home can benefit the whole family because you can put more time and energy into healthy living. The possibilities are endless…

5. Family Vacations 

Some, if not most jobs from home are completely remote. This means that you will be almost completely free to travel if you like.  I know some remote teachers who are even able to take extended vacations to visit family across the country without compromising their job. 

So, family vacations, weekend getaways, or trips while the kids are out of school are possible if you’re taking work with you.  Every job is different, but managing your schedule to plan around family quality time can benefit your whole family. You’ll have the opportunity to make more memories, see more places, and spend more quality time together. 

6. Flexible Work Schedule 

Flexibility… doesn’t that sound wonderful? Working from home can benefit the whole family because you can have some control to manage your work schedule. 

Whether you’re self-employed or working remotely, you’re probably going to find some flexibility with your hours. Of course every company is different, but if you’re shopping around for a job it is something to consider.

If you’re starting your own business (online or not), it’s important to think about what you would like your work schedule to be like going into it. Honestly, it’s easy to let work from home consume you. So, thinking flexibly can really be a great starting place for you. 

Some parents who work from home choose to work early in the morning, during their kids’ naptime, or even late at night so as to be present during the day for their family.  

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