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Passive Income For Teachers- 8 Ideas To Do Right Now

“Passive income” is a lucrative word that marketers are pushing to attract a vast audience; however, a demographic is perfect for this among all the others out there. But, of course, I am talking about passive income for teachers.

There are many passive income for teachers’ ideas that one can find online, some of them are legitimate, and many of them are unrealistic. Therefore, this list will only include those that are within the realm of possibility.

We will be talking about the ideas that are actionable for most teachers. So keep on reading if you are interested in this topic.

1.) Selling Online Academic Courses on Udemy, Skillshare, or Teachable

An online academic course is a video presentation that one can prepare and sell to people interested in the information; educational topics are a good niche. This opportunity is one of the ways teachers can earn passive income online.

Educational topics have a massive demand because many people in the world are engaging in formal education. Therefore, there will always be demand as long as the academic system is practiced.

Education opens up an opportunity for an expert (say a teacher) to come in and share their academic expertise through mediums like Udemy, Skillshare, or Teachable. However, it can be a passive income for teachers as teachers should only create the online course once, and they can start earning money already.

Once you create an academic course, it only takes uploading the website and waiting for money to roll in. A teacher can earn money while they are doing other things since their constant participation is not necessary.

2.) Selling Academic E-books On Amazon Kindle,, Or Blurb

Selling academic ebooks is just like selling academic courses, except the final product is written format; this could be an excellent passive income for teachers. Most teachers, after all, are well-refined writers due to their academic expertise.

Writing an ebook can arguably be more manageable than writing an actual book. There is no physical material involved, and you can use a simple smartphone to craft it. The costs of publication would also be very slim since you have to upload on the internet.

It can be an excellent passive income for teachers since they will monetize their academic expertise through an ebook that doesn’t involve a lot of active supervision. In addition, an ebook is a product that could sell even without their attention (once publicized).

3.) Sell Lesson Plans, Worksheets, And Printables On

Selling lesson plans, worksheets, and printables might be the best passive income for teachers’ strategy since these are materials that teachers naturally use in their work. In addition, a lot of them already have a catalog of these waiting to sell.

Many websites allow the selling of these materials, but the most reputable is; it is the same as Udemy, except the marketplace is for teachers’ working materials.

Many have made significant money selling academic-related materials on this platform; teachers are probably the right demographic for an individual to be successful. Do good research, and it might lead to something notable.

4.) Blogging About An Academic Field

If you are looking for a high passive income for teachers, this is probably the biggest one, blogging is a vast industry, and there is a lot of money that you can make. In addition, an academic website is helpful for a lot of students.

Some believe that starting a website is quite tricky, but this is not the case; simple hosting can give you access to a free WordPress website that you can easily format. Learning about SEO and SEM might be tricky, though.

But this is why your occupation is an advantage for this industry; you likely have many students who will need materials for their academic study. So you can get a lot of traffic by simply providing a resource for your students; it is genius.

5.) Making A YouTube Channel About An Academic Field

This is similar to the point above (blogging) but will be in a video format, there are many academic niches left disappointed by the youtube algorithm, and you may be the answer to this.

There is a lot of potential audience for an academic youtube channel; if we’re talking about the population, many students will have educational needs. Some of them will be confused about a current lesson and will need an explanation.

A YouTube channel can be monetized by ads or affiliates, which is a passive income for teachers; as long as individuals create content consistently, they will have their spot. It will help if you read our article on starting a YouTube channel.

6.) Selling Academic T-shirts on Redbubble, Teespring, and Merch by Amazon

Selling t-shirts might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about passive income streams, but there is no denying that there is potential in this industry. It can be an excellent passive income for teachers.

Websites like Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon provide a platform where individuals can upload their t-shirt designs and get them sold immediately. Currently, there is a gap in academic niches that you can take advantage of.

Marketing these designs is much easier if you are already a teacher with a huge student base. Even an Instagram account highlighting your designs can get students to buy from you. More detail on print on demand here.

7.) Sell Academic Audiobooks On Downpour, Amazon Audible, And

The audiobooks industry is not as significant as online courses or ebooks (since it is still relatively new. Therefore, It is not as popular, and there are not many people buying it as much. However, there is still an opportunity here.

Remember that academic-related information is usually required and not necessarily of interest; many are willing to buy audiobooks if it is going to help them understand a lesson better.,, and Amazon Audible are some of the biggest platforms for selling audiobooks.

8.) Build An Educational App And Monetize Through In-App Purchases

This one is pretty technical and deserves mention on this list; building an educational app can be lucrative if it works. Of course, there is a high ceiling to this, but it will be very competitive (in fact, it can make you rich if it works).

Since you are already a teacher, you must understand the needs of regular students that many companies might be missing; hiring a contractual developer to work on the technical aspect is an option. You can monetize this with in-app purchases.


Most teachers will earn their passive income by creating an academic informational product that can sell quickly online, whether as an ebook, online course, blog, or youtube content.

This will also make use of their expertise on academic-related topics; their audience will also view them as an authority being an actual teacher that teaches in classrooms.

These ideas can be actionable depending on the circumstances, which makes them flexible; you should find the one that suits your particular situation for it to work. That is all, thank you for reading.

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