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Passive income for teens? Simple.

Whatever passive income means to you, it’s an excellent way for teens to earn money. Whether they’re saving up for their first car or need a little cash on hand for the movies with friends. Passive income can help them get what they want without dipping into their monthly allowance. However, teens thinking about earning passive income must also know essential tips and strategies.

What is passive income?

Passive income is any revenue that comes in with no active work involved. So, for example, if you buy 100 shares of stock in a company that pays .10 per share in dividends each year, then you’re making passive income off those shares. Of course, passive income can come from several different places. The basic idea is that passive income comes in without you having to do anything in return. But if you’re looking for passive income ideas specifically for teens, then here are my top 7 passive earning strategies provided below:

How can teens get started earning passive income?

Strategy 1. Start with a simple passive investment

Passive investments come in all shapes and sizes.  Teen passive income investors usually start with something fundamental, like stock shares or mutual funds. Passive investments don’t just stop there. Instead, consider passive income as any revenue without requiring active work, and you’ll see passive investment opportunities everywhere.

What passive investments are available?

Start with something simple to build your passive income portfolio over time. For example, if you want to buy and sell stock shares online, I suggest starting with Robinhood because you can invest in anything from Apple and Facebook to Fitbit and Pandora. Plus, teens can get started with passive investments like savings accounts or certificates of deposit.

Strategy 2. Make passive income from internet marketing.

Everybody is getting into the whole online business thing these days. However, most teens don’t know they can quickly get started in internet marketing to earn passive income quickly. Teens who want passive income must understand that passive marketing is more complex than passive investing. Still, with the proper knowledge and access to passive marketing programs, they’ll be able to start earning passive income as soon as possible.

Some places to start are passive online business blogs and social networking, like using a Twitter account to earn passive income through advertising or sponsored tweets.

Strategy 3. Get paid for things like surveys or doing searches on Google.

If you’re looking for passive income opportunities online, search engines are a great place to look first. Companies are willing to pay cash for people who fill out online market research surveys, do free product searches, or participate in other types of online passive income opportunities. The trick is learning to find these companies without spending too much time searching. Companies that will pay for surveys or searches are:

Strategy 4. Sell your used stuff to people online.

If you’ve got a bunch of junk lying around the house that isn’t worth that much but could be sold for a profit, then you should consider selling it online.  One of the best ways to get a passive income is to use online classifieds or websites like eBay so you can sell your used items for cash to earn passive income without even leaving the house. Just remember that if you’re going to be doing passive income through selling things on Craigslist or eBay, then you need to spend time finding potential buyers who are willing to pay what your item is worth. This strategy takes some patience!

Strategy 5. Find passive income jobs online.

If you’ve already got experience doing work through the internet, you might find passive income from a company that needs passive employees rather than active employees.  By working for passive income online as a search engine evaluator or other passive income opportunities, young people can quickly take control of their finances and earn passive income without ever leaving the house.

Strategy 6. Sell things on Craigslist.

While many teens will turn to Craigslist to buy used items from other teens who need cash or try to sell old items they don’t want, it’s also a great way to make passive income if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Passive income ideas for teens are around the corner if you know where to look!

Strategy 7. Take part in passive income programs from home.

If you’ve got a computer and an actual phone, you can now start making passive income online. Passive income programs are designed for people with no experience or special skills.  All it takes is a few hours of work per week to earn passive income online from home, which means that passive income jobs like this one might be just what a teen looking for passive marketing needs to start earning passive capital gains immediately!

Some examples would be taking online surveys, completing free product searches on Google, or trying out new products and reviewing them for passive income. But, of course, if you’ve got a computer, an internet connection, and time to spare each day, passive income might not be that far away!


The idea here is to give passive income opportunities for teens that will allow them to earn passive income quickly with minimal effort. In addition, these passive income ideas should help teens learn how passive income works without spending too much time or money doing online research.  

As passive income ideas for teens, passive income opportunities should be easy to find and easy to do.  The passive income tips above show you how passive marketing can work for teens, so they’ll start earning passive income without even trying!

Many teens are interested in passive income, passive capital gains, and passive marketing.  The passive income ideas for teens above will show you how to make passive income online from home. But what about turning this into a career? Passive income at home can be a great way to earn passive income while still in school.

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