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Passive Income- How to Make Money

Do you want to know the easiest way to make money on the internet? Passive income is an excellent way for anyone, regardless of their age, to make money. This blog post will outline what passive income is and how to start generating it!

Passive Income is making money while you sleep by taking advantage of time or work already done. The key to passive incomes are residuals- which means the more hours/days people use your product or service over a long time, the more passive income you’ll be making.

Passive Income-How To Make Money

1. Choose a niche

There are a million ways to make passive income online. Of course, which one you choose will depend on your goals, skills, and experience. But if the intention is to create passive incomes, you must find residuals or can be used for long periods- like through seasons or years!

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How you find a niche is up to you. You can try starting with something that interests YOU the most or you’re good at already.

2. Create an online course or blog

Some examples of where to go to create an online course are Udemy, SkillShare, and CreativeLive. If you are more of a writer, try creating a blog with WordPress to write content that you can sell for advertising on sites such as Google Adsense or any other ad network!

3. Publish YouTube videos

There are tutorials on how to make passive income with YouTube all over the internet. It’s a great way to reach out to people who are interested in your niche, and they might even share it with you!

The important thing is you can generate passive income.

4. Sell products on Amazon or Etsy 

Amazon is a little trickier, but Etsy is easy to use and makes passive income so much easier! has everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories, home goods- you name it. So if you want to start making passive incomes, check out the work of other sellers, order your supplies, and get started!

Tools you might want to look into:

– a niche research tool for passive incomes like Keyword Finder.  It will help you find profitable keywords that you can use within passive income niches.

5. Start a podcast 

You can find resources on starting a podcast at or Podbean.

Some podcasts to check out are:

– The Tim Ferriss Show  (he interviews guests about how they make passive incomes)

– Entrepreneur On Fire (weekly podcast with business tips and advice for entrepreneurs)

6. Develop your app

For mobile devices, like IFTTT (If Then Then) or Wishbone (a new app that sends you notifications when you want to buy on sale). The key is to find something that will engage people with your content, whether through video tutorials, audio podcasts, or text articles about how to start passive income streams of your own! It doesn’t matter what type of income stream you choose – as long as it’s something that interests YOU and makes sense for YOUR life goals!


As you can see, there are so many possible income streams that you can start. It’s all up to the individual as an income stream could be anything from writing blogs and articles online to selling products through Amazon or Etsy! There are no age restrictions or limits to how many methods you use to come up with your own passive income.

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