Passive Income Ideas Based On Age

Passive income ideas based on age are not discussed much because anyone can do most passive income methods at any age. But, let’s face it, in reality, some of the ways fit younger people better, and some fit older people. So let’s examine why and break it up by decades.

Passive Income Ideas Based On Age

Before you get your panties in a bunch, age doesn’t matter on any of these passive income methods, but if you read on, I will explain some reasoning to which methods fit with what age groups. This idea is not written in stone and is just food for thought.


In your twenties, money is likely scarce, so the passive income methods that are free to start are the best fit here. Also, a twenty-something is going to have the tech-savvy that older people may not have. For these reasons, ads on your car, print on demand, and YouTube do not require any money. (or very little). What it does need is creativity, boldness, and technical know-how. Most twenty-thirty-year-olds have all three of these in abundance. These three talents are why you see so many YouTube millionaires or T-Shirt millionaires. Ads on your car won’t make you rich like the other two, but it is free to do.

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When you are in your thirties, you have hopefully established yourself and have some income to build your business. Drop Shipping and Digital Products are a good fit at this age because you will need a website for each, and marketing is necessary, which does cost money. In addition, you will need the tech-savviness from your twenties to create the websites and some knowledge of a subject matter to pour into a digital product.

Most of the thirty-somethings I know are very smart and have a good outlook on the world. But, in the late thirties, ideas of something better are where many start looking for the “better way” of living life.


Being in your forties is the time that you need to build a passive income stream. Disillusionment with everyday work-life kicks in full force, and hopefully, you started building your side business much earlier, but it is still not too late. Rental property and affiliate marketing fit well in this age bracket. You probably have the finances to invest in rental properties. I recommend using a property management company and not being the landlord yourself. Those headaches are not needed.

You have a lot to offer the world at this age, so that affiliate marketing would be a good choice. Create niche websites and earn commissions. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money, and all you need is a computer.


Blogging with advertising on your site is an excellent moneymaker. At this age, you have a lot to offer the world from your personal experiences. The more page views you get, the higher the ad revenue will be. Write about your personal experiences, places you have been, and share your knowledge. All you need is a computer and some quiet time. It takes about 30 blog posts and 6 to 8 months to take off, so don’t get discouraged and quit.

The other idea that works well in your fifties is to invest in a real estate investment trust (REIT). These trusts pay reasonable interest rates and are entirely passive. REITs are a great alternative to stocks and a good way to invest in real estate.

60’s Plus

If you have been doing passive income methods for decades, you are in good shape financially and should be investing in safe investments. If you have not been building passive income, you can still start. At this age, any methods are suitable for you provided you are knowledgeable in them, and if you are not, you can learn. The key is to get started. You may not get rich, but you can undoubtedly make retirement much better.

Conclusion To Passive Income Ideas Based On Age

I hope that if you are young, you realize some very low-cost ways to start creating passive income. If you are older, it is never too late. You can build financial security at any age, and if you are older, you should realize its importance. So don’t fret if you have not done it in the past; just get started today.

If you are younger, take advantage of it. Build your empire and enjoy your life. You may not realize it yet, but there are very few jobs that will make you happy. Take control.

For those in the middle, you are in the sweet spot. You have the resources, experiences, and understanding to go hard at passive income. Time is still on your side, but the clock is ticking! So, don’t blow it!

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