Path Social Doesn't Work For Real Instagram Growth

Path Social Doesn’t Work For Real Instagram Growth

Path Social Doesn't Work For Real Instagram Growth

There are many great reasons to grow an Instagram account. Therefore, I decided to try Path Social, a service that supposedly helps you grow your organic following. However, I was unhappy with their service. So, I thought I’d let you know more about them in case you’re considering trying them out.

Why Grow Instagram

I have several different Instagram accounts. I signed up for Path Social with two of them in an effort to grow the engagement and followers on the site. Here’s why:

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  • One is a pet account that I’d like to become an influencer account. That requires a higher following.
  • Moreover, I plan to create products for that account and need a base of people to promote them too.
  • The other is a creative business account. I’m looking to grow that in order to both grow my business and network within the niche industry.

What Is Path Social

Path Social says that they’ll promote your accounts to their established network of influencers who in turn promote them to others. As a result, you gain organic growth with real followers who are truly interested in your account. They claim that this sets them apart from other services that just use bots. Furthermore, they say that they have an AI targeted system that they’ve developed over the course of a decade to help guarantee that you get good followers.

Why I Was Unhappy with The Service

I signed up with two accounts. Path Social offers two levels of service: one is $49 per month and the other is $69 per month. I chose the higher level plan. Here were some of the problems that I encountered:

  • They claim at this level that you can expect to gain between 2000 and 3500 followers per month. While I didn’t stick out the whole month before canceling, I did use their service for the better part of one month. I gained only a few hundred followers per account in that time.
  • They say that they get you highly-engaged followers. I did see people follow me but no one engaged with me. They did not like or comment on my posts. Furthermore, when I sent these followers direct messages, no one responded.
  • Path Social says that they are unique in that you get real Instagram followers when you work with them. I did not believe that the accounts following me were real. There were several warning signs including low follower counts, lots of private accounts, very few posts on each account, no links in the bio, limited engagement, etc.

This last point was the biggest problem for me. I don’t want to pay for “real followers” only to gain followers that don’t seem to have real accounts at all. This defeats the purpose of growing the accounts. Therefore, I was unhappy with the service and chose to discontinue my work with them.

Was My Content The Problem?

Of course, it’s worth asking whether my own content led to a poor following. I’m not going to say that I’m a number one social media content creator. However, I’ve worked in this arena for years now, and I know the fundamentals. I did as much as I could to create frequent (but not excessive) high quality content in the unique niches for each account during the time I worked with Path Social so that they would have the best content to promote. Many of the followers I got weren’t even in the niches I’m working on, further indicating that there was no point to gaining such followers.

Have you worked with Path Social? What’s your experience been?

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