Reasons Moms Start Side Hustles

You may be thinking- it’s time to start following some dreams of my own. Check out these reasons why moms start “side hustles” and feel validated that you’re not the only one with a little dream to pursue.

Fist of all, it’s notable that whatever your reason to want to start a side hustle it… it’s valid.

Whether you’re needing the extra finances to make ends meet or just wanting something fun to do in our free time, following that dream of yours is possible. You can do it!

To get started, let’s talk about ten of the most common reasons why moms generally want to start a side hustle.

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Leaving the 9-5

Out of all of the reasons listed, this one takes the lead. That’s simply because many mothers find it hard to leave their children each day to go punch the clock at their regular job.

I have found that now, more than ever, women are working from home with their children. They are able to leave their “brick and morter” job because of the extra income they are able to make with their “side hustle”. The opportunities are endless…

And it’s working. In today’s world, a mother can raise a family from home and continue to be a successful contributor to her household income.

However challenging it may be, it can be very worth it.

Wanting to Save Money

Picking up a side hustle and stashing the cash earned from it can be a successful way to save.

Many side jobs such as sales, clerical work, or other non-traditional jobs have very flexible hours. So, a mom can choose how much she wants to work that week and put back what she earns.

So, if you are super busy that week with kids or family tasks… no worries. Just work that side hustle when you can and save what you make.

If you’re planning on saving for an extended period of time, I recommend opening a separate saving account for this income. That way, you won’t be tempted to spend your earnings when things come up.

Becoming a Single Mom

It’s a tough topic. But many moms find themselves in a situation where some extra income is necessary for survival.

Depending on the situation, a mom may need a full time job, or some supplemental income. If this is the case, a side hustle can be the solution to provide just what extra is necessary.

I have spoken with several mothers who found that a side hustle provides enough income without running into issues with the assistance they are receiving from various parties involved.

To Pay for Private School, Home School, or Other Tuitions

If you’ve ever wanted to put your kids in private school, order homeschool curriculum, or sign them up for extra curricular activities… you know it can break the bank.

That being said, these expensive tuitions can feel like less of a burden on your finances if your side hustle covers some… or all of it.

A friend of mine was a stay at home mom. Her husband worked a successful concrete company, but their finances were still tight after all the bills were paid. After high school graduation, her daughter wanted to go to nursing school… but didn’t know how she was going to afford it. My friend picked up a side hustle and felt motivated to help her daughter pay her way through.

She ended up being able to pay her daughters way all the way through until graduation. What a blessing that was!

There are many stories like this one. For example, I know a mother who is currently working a few hours a week on her side hustle just so that her children can attend weekly music lessons.

What will your success story be?

It Can be a Mental Getaway

This is the topic that seems to be the most embarrassing for moms. I don’t know why… because we all get to points in our motherhood where our kids drive us crazy. 😉

Some mother’s find it therapeutic to engage in a side hustle… to treat it like a hobby.

Maybe it’s the change of mental thoughts away from diapers, runny noses, and cleaning up messes to beautiful art, makeup, or photography. It could even be the possibility of talking with actual adults instead of children all day long.

For some moms, it’s as simple as having a mental getaway. Having a side hustle may make you feel like you’re still able to live life like it was before kids.

But, of course better.

Missing Community or Feels Isolated

As a mother, I know what it feels like to miss friends and feel isolated. I think every mother goes through some feelings like this, even if they are brief.

Starting a side hustle can have benefits past financial gains or freedom to spend how you choose.

Many companies, organizations, or associations offer community and friendship as well as a job. In fact, that’s what makes them attractive.

It’s certainly something to consider if you’re in the market to begin a side job. You probably want to like the people that you’ll be involved with… because on most days they may be the only other people you communicate with (besides your kids and immediate family.)

In any case, the feeling of isolation can be abated by surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people, doing similar things. AKA- your side hustle.

To Feel Like a Contributor

When my husband and I started dating, he bought all of our dinners.

After a few months, we started to take turns with who picked up the bill on date night. Why? Because it became expensive and we both wanted to continue to go out to eat together.

So, we both contributed how we could.

The truth is- Working From Home Can Be A Blessing.

The majority of mothers worked before having their children and are used to being a contributor to the house income. If you haven’t, then maybe you want to know what that feels like?

In any case, for some- it feels good to be able to contribute to the family’s bills such as mortgage, rent, food, gas, and other essentials.

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