Should Everyone Have A Side Gig?

Should Everyone Have A Side Gig?

Side gigs are a blessing for some people. At the height of the pandemic, many people turned those side hustles into the main hustle and are making bank right now. I love a good side hustle, but should everyone have a side gig? Who should have a side gig and why?

Are They For Everyone?

Side gigs are not for everyone. I have had several people tell me that it’s not for them, and I respect it. Some people just want to work 9 to 5 without the hassle of being the boss, and I understand that. Some people don’t have time for it, don’t have that creative mind, or don’t want to do it for no other reason than they don’t want to do it. That is OK. Having a side hustle is not for everyone, and we should respect people‘s decisions not to do it if they choose not to.

Who Are They For?

Side hustles are for creatives. It’s for people who want to get out of the 9 to 5 workweek structure. People who want to work for themselves, bring their creative ideas to life, and have financial freedom are great candidates. If you are looking to get out of debt quicker and bring more money in, or even generate money to fund your dreams, like traveling the world, it could also be for you. You have to be a go-getter to be your boss or have a side hustle. You have to be able to work outside of normal business hours, react to stress well, and go hard for what you need. It’s not all fun and games, and that’s an important fact to remember.

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What Kind Of Side Hustle Should You Start?

What kind of hustle or side you should do, depends on you. I always say go for what you know. One thing I know is I’m good at writing, so that’s what I broke out to do. If you’re good at art, marketing, or running social media accounts, look for things that are aligned with those specialties and go for it. Don’t ever think there are too many people saturating the market that you can break through. You can and will. Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean you can’t do it and get paid. Find what you like, what you are good at, and you will find a successful side hustle.

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