Splurge On Vacation

Should You Splurge On Vacation?

I love taking vacations. It’s just what I need after a few weeks of grinding hard at my job and side hustle. A trip per month is what I need, although it doesn’t always happen. When I go on vacation, I like to plan it out in advance and try to keep costs down, but do you always have to stick to a narrow budget, or is it ok to splurge on a vacation?

My Take

I recently came back from a weekend trip to Vegas. I did get a great rate on a room at the Harrah’s hotel and $138 roundtrip airfare. While I budgeted for a meal at Hell’s Kitchen and Flights, that was all the planning that went into it. Now, I like a budget and by no means would spend more than I should, but this trip was different. I had a long year and needed to relax and have fun. I ate good, played well, and enjoyed myself. I spent more money than normal, but it was well worth it. 

Should You Splurge on Vacation?

I would have to say yes. You should splurge when it comes to making memories and having fun on vacation but within reason. Again I would never advocate for spending more than you can afford. I do say it’s okay to put an extra line item in your budget to ensure you can enjoy the finer things on vacation. Whether that’s taking a private flight with Jettly to arrive at your destination in style, enjoying a fancy meal, a night of dancing, or something adventurous; you do not want to worry about how you will pay for it.

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Alongside building a line item into your budget, you can prepay for things you want before you start your vacation. No matter the activity, find out how much it costs, and pay as you go for a fun and worry-free vacation. Be cautious that you do not spend too much and do not splurge on every trip.

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