Should You Tip A Pet Sitter?

Should You Tip A Pet Sitter?

Tipping has a place in our culture. With Covid bringing down business lately, it’s more important than ever to help certain industries stay afloat. It is not just the restaurants who benefit from tips, but the servers who are trying to make financial gains to feed their families and secure their future. And while I personally believe tipping culture is way out of hand, I still leave a tip when one is warranted. Aside from restaurant and service positions, do you think you should tip a pet sitter or workers with similar type jobs? Where do we cross the line?

To Tip Your Pet Sitter or Not To Tip

My first thought is I’m not tipping the pet sitter. I’m a firm believer in naming your price. Honestly, the price should include what the sitter believes their time is worth. It should also take into consideration the supplies needed, the gas needed to get to the job site, tips, their professional expertise, and anything else that they think they deserve compensation for. Business owners should not throw out lowball service offers to clients. They should know their worth and decide on a price that makes them happy. This keeps down the confusion and disappointment when a client doesn’t tip.


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When Should You Leave  A Tip

Even though I’m not a fan of tipping culture, I do it occasionally outside of restaurants. In reality, there are times when it’s appropriate to tip your pet sitter. If you feel like a pet sitter is undervaluing themselves and their service, and you feel moved to give, please do. There was a time when a lawn service provider gave me a flyer that stated they would cut my yard for $40. I knew that they couldn’t have given my yard a hard look beforehand. I didn’t hesitate to hop on the price. And while they stuck to the $40, they spent several hours going up and down my steep driveway cutting the front and the backside of my lawn. They used a push mower and a riding mower. They were drenched in sweat when they got done. In that instance, I knew they had undervalued themselves. I couldn’t just let them walk away with $40. I gave them double the price because they deserved it.

You should also tip when you have good people doing the work. Our pets are family, and we want them to have the best care and caretakers. If the person is going above and beyond the call of duty, make sure you take care of them. When you have good help and a good service provider, you want to keep them happy. Tipping is a good way to say, “thank you for all that you’re doing, and we hope that you continue to keep doing it”.

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