Side Hustle Mindset

Side Hustle Mindset

If you know anything about planning for your future, it’s that you need money. Money funds your retirement and investments. Without it, you have nothing. No matter if you are a low wage earner or a higher earner, we could all use more. A side hustle is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and get paid. A side hustle mindset can be your saving grace.

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My side hustle is and will always be writing. If you are good at it, there are a lot of niche markets you can get into. You can write SEO content, white pages, blog posts, and my personal favorite, academic works. If you know proper grammar and English, you can get into this line of work. If you work hard at developing content and perfecting your skills, you can command top dollar.


A lot of artists have a side hustle mindset. They pour their creativity into their work and have to get it in front of people to purchase. If you are crafty and can make neat products and artwork, this can be lucrative. I personally know people who make decorative wreaths and paint. You can sell those items through a personal website and event on sites like Etsy. Learning how to market your art will go a long way as well.

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IT Work

If you know about computers, there is a side hustle out there for you. Some of these skills can be self-taught, while others you can take simple classes online. You can make money for developing code and apps. You can also provide network security, tech support, and web development.

There are many other side hustles worth mentioning. If you love to bake or cook, people will pay top dollar to satisfy their hunger. You can also house hack, design parties, or do taxes. Whatever you are good at, you can make money doing it. Take on a side hustle that you are passionate and skilled at. If it becomes lucrative enough, it could become your main hustle.

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