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17 Best Side Hustles for Teens

Many teens are too young for a traditional job or spend most of their time at school or studying. But it’s never too early for them to start making some of their own money. With so many great side hustles for teens available, there is bound to be one (or two!) on this list your teen is interested in.

Traditional side hustles for teens

1. Pet care

Animals are a great way for your teen to earn cash. Your first thought might be dog walking. It’s a great option, but neighbors might also want help with feeding, grooming or cleaning cat litter boxes and small animal cages.

2. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the more traditional side hustles for teens. Some parents hire babysitters to watch their children while they work from home. With so many people working form home, teens could cash in on this option.

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3. Work on a farm

Feeding livestock, cleaning pens and baling hay are all tasks many farmers and ranchers hire teens to do.

4. Lawn care

Lawn care can help your teen pocket some extra cash. Raking leaves, mowing lawns and even pulling weeds are jobs your teen can do.

5. Snow removal

Many people hire teens to shovel their driveways and sidewalks. Your teen can also make money cleaning off cars and freeing windshields of snow and ice.

6. Get a job

Teens old enough to apply for working papers can land jobs at minimum wage. Washing dishes and helping at after-school programs or youth summer camps are good side hustles for teens.

7. Bake sale

For teens who love to cook, selling baked goods can be a good side hustle. Bake sales are most lucrative when families live where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Best side hustles for teens at home

8. Commissioned art

Is your teen good with art? Fiverr is another platform that allows teens to join. Teens 13 and up can sell services. Those talented in art can sell illustrations to authors or other individuals looking for art. Teenagers excel in the digital world, making Fiverr a top side hustle for teens.

9. Create books

Minors can create books for sale and collect the profits. Platforms such as Amazon’s KDP allow teens to write and illustrate the books they want to sell. However, parents must become the publishers and collect royalties on their behalf.

10. Investing

Investing is one of the best side hustles for teens because it can earn them some extra money while teaching them good financial habits. Companies like Greenlight allow your teen to have their own debit card, complete with a savings account and the option to make investments.

11. Watch ads

Teens love their phones and they can make a little money watching them. Swagbucks allows teens 13 and older to sign up.

12. Sell handmade goods

Teens as young as 13 can start an Etsy shop to sell handmade goods. Some great craft ideas include slime and jewelry. Etsy has certain requirements for minors, so parents should read through them before letting their teens sign up.

More top side hustles for teens

13. Elder care

The elderly often need help with simple everyday tasks such as getting the mail, cleaning the house and using technology.

14. Tutoring

Teens of any age can help peers or younger students study for exams and better understand homework assignments.

15. Run errands

Teens old enough to drive can run simple errands for neighbors and friends. If your teen is at least 18, they can sign up as an Instacart shopper.

16. Reselling

Reselling has become a popular side hustle. If your teen is at least 13, they can sign up for Poshmark or use Facebook Marketplace to resell items.

17. Enter writing contests

Writing is a hobby that can earn cash. Your teen can enter writing contests or other talent showcases that can result in monetary prizes. Check with their favorite magazines or local libraries for ideas.

Babysitting and mowing lawns are not the only options for teens to make money. Technology has allowed teenagers to earn cash from the comfort of their bedrooms. Regardless of your teen’s personality or talents, they’re likely to find a good side hustle match.

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