The Plutus Awards Raises an Existential Question

Nominate me for the Plutus Awards

Last year, I was a finalist for the 5th Annual Plutus Awards. You all nominated me for the “Best New Personal Finance Blog” and “Best Frugal Blog” categories. What an honor!

When I saw my competition, I was truly honored that I made it among the finalists. The well-designed blog Listen, Money Matters! won for Best New Personal Finance Blog. The fabulous Club Thrifty blog won for Best Frugality-Focused Blog.

The nominations for the 6th Annual Plutus Awards are now open, and I am torn on whether Stapler Confessions fits into any of the categories at all. It’s definitely not new anymore! I do focus on frugality, but after having amassed a huge credit card debt and buying a ridiculously expensive house, I don’t feel like the most frugal blogger. I also don’t feel like I deserve to be in the “Debt-Focused Blog” category, seeing as how we haven’t paid down a student loan since starting this blog. Plus, there’s that credit card debt and mortgage that we took on in the meantime.

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I find myself wondering: What is Stapler Confessions?

I find myself describing the blog as “imperfect personal finance.” We’re not doing anything extreme here, like retiring by 30 or living in a tiny house. I talk about giving frugal gifts and spending less on stuff you need (toys, clothes, online). There’s some money-making info mixed in — from side gigs to selling your stuff (books, kids’ gear, clothing). Plus, I discuss financial preparation (maternity leave, disability insurance, safety nets), and update you all on our financial lives with huge student loans.

So, it is with a big ole slice of humble pie that I ask you to nominate me for the Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog. The Plutus Awards ask for your email, but just to keep it to one vote per person — you won’t get any spam.

Click here to nominate Stapler Confessions for Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog!

If you clicked on that link, thank you!

I’m hoping that Stapler Confessions’ third year blogging will more squarely fit into those Plutus Awards categories. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll never be a retirement-focused blog or a teen-focused blog, but hopefully I can proudly call myself debt-focused and frugality-focused. Stay tuned!

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