Ways To Make Money Online During Quarantine

Although many companies are allowing their workers to work from home, not everyone can work remotely. If finding a source of income online is in your mind, you are in the right place. Online jobs will give you additional income while adhering to quarantine and social distancing rules. There are a lot of online jobs you can take during this period. They will keep you busy and earn you some cash, to improve your finances. Many of the jobs are not complicated, even for starters. You only have to be disciplined and eager to learn. Some of the jobs you can do include:

Take Online Surveys

Recently, public opinions have gained a lot of popularity. A lot of companies are seeking out opinions regarding their products, to get business ideas, and conduct market research. In exchange, the companies pay a few dollars to the participants. Even if the pay is minimal, it still gives you extra money. There are several online survey companies out there. Just make sure you sign up with a legit company.

Sell the Things You No Longer Use

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With lots of stores closing down, many people are turning to the internet to buy stuff. Go through your house and see the items you no longer need or use. They could be useful to someone else. You can post the products through different social media channels and arrange for deliveries. You will be surprised at how people want the things you may consider useless.

Teach Online

If you are an expert in a particular field, there are several sites you can work for as a tutor. Since many schools have shut down, there is a shift to online classes. Often, tutors earn good cash. You will help students understand different topics, motivate them, and help them score good grades. You can decide to work with existing online tutoring websites or start your website. Since the industry is growing rapidly, it can be a lucrative business.

Be a Customer Service Representative

Many companies hire remote customer representatives. If you love helping others and you are patient enough to handle various problems, check out companies that are looking for the representatives. If you have experience in the field, it will be easier for you to get the job. Since you will be responding to emails, answering phone calls, your communication skills must be excellent. Sometimes, you will encounter difficult customers.  Strive to cool your tempers and deal with them professionally.

Start a Video Channel

Starting a video channel will give you many ways to make money doing your hobby. If cooking is your hobby, you can start a cooking video channel and show people how to cook using different recipes. If makeup artistry is your hobby, you can create videos on how to apply makeup. There are a lot of ways on how you can monetize your videos. You can charge a fee for people to download or watch your videos. Still, someone can pay you to mention their services or products in the videos.


Transcription involves listening to an audio file and converting it into text. It requires accuracy. You will also be required to practice confidentiality with the files. If you pay attention to details, have excellent grammar and punctuation skills, then transcribing is for you. You will need a computer, a set of headphones and a reliable internet connection. Your typing and listening skills will dictate the amount of money you make.

Become a Freelance Writer

The world is becoming more digital. The demand for freelance writers is still increasing. You do not need any special software to start freelance writing. With excellent writing skills, a stables internet connection, a computer, and word processing software, you are good to go.  There are a lot of writing jobs for starters. Connect with other freelance writers who will guide you. There are several niches you can specialize in. Select a niche according to your passion and skills.

Offer Online Consultation Services

If you are good in a particular field, you can start offering consultation services and get paid. In consultation, you will need reliable communication channels such as video calls and live chats. Set up a considerable consultation fee. If the price is too low, you will earn a low income, which may not cater to your financial needs. If you charge too high, you will not get clients. Look for ways on how to market your business, to get a lot of clients.

It is still possible to be productive during quarantine. For you to make money during this period, you have to work. Mostly, you will be working from home. It might be difficult and distracting, especially if you do not have self-discipline since there is no one is dictating you. Most of

the online jobs will allow you to work even though you are disabled, as long as you can use a computer. Choose the type of work that is best for you. Plan your day, and set up goals.

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