You Might Not Need to Make Big Changes for Productivity When These Small Ones Will Do

In business, you are always told to think big. Managers are often berated for not thinking big enough. Even if our ideas are impractical, we are told to dream big. Thinking small is often discouraged. Some people are pejoratively labeled as being small-minded. You don’t want it said that you are a small person in a big job. When judged, athletes tend to get lower scores for taking only small risks. No one ever says to go small or go home.

This cultural bias favoring big over small might cause you to make some big financial mistakes. If you want to get your financial house in order, you have to stop swinging for the fences when a single will do. Not everything needs a big fix to yield a big result. You don’t have to replace the engine if it can be fixed with a $2 part. For some, it is not a matter of simply fixing something that’s broken. What they really want is something new. They would rather replace than repair. If that is the kind of person you are, be especially mindful when it comes to solving problems in your business. Fight the urge to make sweeping changes for the sake of something new. Instead, consider these small fixes.

Desk Dividers

You probably don’t need new desks to transform your open office into something more sensible. Instead of tossing it all out and starting fresh, just add desk dividers that give everyone a sense of space without making anyone feel isolated. You can monitor workers if you make sure those desk dividers are clear. At the same time, you will be creating a safer workspace. Your office does not have to be a petri dish for every disease your kids bring home from school.

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Desk dividers can be used on large tables to provide a sense of individual space. Or you can use free-standing dividers to provide separation between individual desks and tables. You might also consider room dividers rather than getting a general contractor to add walls. You don’t have to move into a different office space. There are portable room dividers that can give a real sense of privacy and seclusion if that is what you are after. Some can even block out unwanted sounds. These types of small solutions can save both your budget and your sanity.

Get a New Battery Installed

Your smartphone might not be as dead as you think it is. Your iPhone might not be able to hold a charge or offer a user-replaceable battery. But you can have a battery installed into that old smartphone and make it feel like new again. These days, no phones have user-replaceable batteries. But they all can be replaced by the manufacturer. It costs considerably less to go that route than to buy a totally new device.

It is not just the battery. If you have never zapped your phone back to factory settings and started fresh, you should probably do that regardless of who made it. Over time, you accumulate a lot of digital cruft on your much-used devices. App developers are not really considering how their shoddily coded apps will affect your device in the long run. Deleting the app is not always enough. Sometimes you just need to wipe the whole thing. It costs you nothing but a little time. And once you do, your device will feel as new as the day you bought it.

LED Light Bulbs

You might not need new light fixtures. Keep that classic lamp for another 10 years. You can make it all feel new again by just replacing those incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Those bulbs look nicer and come in color-changing variants. You will not only love the lighting in your home, but you will also save money the moment you make the switch. Not only will your bill be lower, but the bulbs also last for years, not months. You will not have to change light bulbs for a long time after switching to LED.

It doesn’t have to be out with the old to bring in the new. Desk dividers, smartphone battery replacements, and LED light bulbs are small solutions to big problems.

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